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Another day, another reading – here’s for Libra ❤

Sky report: Sun conjunct Mercury in Aquarius

  Hello everyone 🙋‍♀️ #Mercury and #Sun are conjunct at 10° Aquarius under #SabianSymbol degree: “A MAN TETE-A-TETE WITH HIS INSPIRATION”. Non-personal and unpredictable, yet inventive and humanistic sign of #Aquarius♒️ is known as Mercuries exaltation sign in some schools of Astrology, but Sun is not standing very […]

Sun at 18° Libra

Keywords: social justice, rebelling against privilege, reform, battle for position, making wishes come true, wise rulership, strength, privacy but also hiding, fear of being chased, agression, manipulation, autocracy, breaking the law and fall from the throne @prilaga @hermitfool @kozmonaut_23 #astrologersofinstagram #astrologyposts #astrologypost #sun #libra #sabiandegrees (at Zagreb, Croatia) […]