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Tarot weekend report

Weekend is here, things are interesting, seems like everyone is busy, doing something, almost forgetting that is the end of the week. Energy is boosting up, winter sleep was long and kind of a weird, although that is still pretty cold here in Eastern Europe region, it is […]

Car caruje

I došli smo do Velike Arkane Car, numerirane brojem 4, a ovo je njegova priča… On je Ovan i Škorpion, a planet Jupiter mu je vladajući, priča o disciplini o konkretizaciji i sprovođenju planova u djela. Car zna kako će iz ničega napraviti nešto, on se brine o […]

SKY REPORT: Steamy melodrama

“Lay me down, let the only sound be the overflow, pockets full of stones.” -What the Water Gave me, Florence and the machine   Feels like it’s been forever since last time I posted a sky update. Many thing happened since then and we’re all here, witnessing the […]