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Quick Tarot Post For August: Cancer ♋

Quick Tarot Post For August: Cancer ♋ Dear Cancer, how is your August going? I’m guessing you’ve been working really hard this year. Tarot card for August is Queen of Pentacles & pentacles are always about earth, material and our senses, through which we smell or touch, hear or see. Queen […]

Sun In Twelfth House: Transcending

    One of the two Earths most valuable luminaries, Sun, beautiful shining star that makes life possible here on Earth, is one of the most important points in astrology. Even though in astrology language Sun is described as a planet, Sun is actually a star, the shiniest […]

Opjevana Luda

Luda, Velika Arkana, toliko puta opisana, ispričana pa i opjevana, što direktno, što indirektno. Performanse karte Lude nalazimo u svakodnevnom životu, kao i u pjesmama, filmovima, slikarstvu, kiparstvu, fotografiji itd.. Taj famozan početak, transformacija, ta energija, optimizam, naivnost i entuzijazam djeluje zaista inspirativno i daje nadu. Karta Lude […]