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Seasons of Evolution

Yay for Ceres! Earth mother extraordinaire who each year mourns the loss of her daughter Persephone to the Lord of the Underworld. Ceres is currently positoned at 7° Sagittarius Retrograding opposite the Sun in Gemini, and Mars forms a minor angle to each from Cancer. This is a […]

Moon at 0° Sagittarius

Moon is currently on a very symbolic 0° degree of #Sagittarius ♐ ⚜Feelings of optimism and hope are right there, starting. Our reactions are not that shitty anymore, because guess what? Shit got 10x. As unstable, the Moon is, it can laugh it’s way out the bank, into […]

Basic Capricorn traits

  #Capricorn♑ is the tenth sign of the Zodiac and probably one of the most ambitious ones. Building a structure, working hard and having a cold head to make rational choices? Yep, that’s Capricorn. Brave, bold, active and ready to climb high mountains. See where you can feel […]