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Natal chart reading

Discover your soul purpose and full life potential through detailed natal chart reading. Available trough PDF written form, audio format or live reading through Zoom.



Western Tropical

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Short biography:

Short bio:

Studied astrology and numerology at CAE Zagreb (Center for Astrological studies) lead by Igor Ognjenović. By finishing courses on natal, progression methods, horary, karmic and many more courses I finally obtained my astrological certificate in 2016.

I'm very fond of hermetic methods and usually combine Jungian psychology and symbols. I am especially interested in researches of repeating patterns, degrees, and maybe some not that comfortable themes like tracking accidents or mishaps.
In 2018. I started my own astrological workshops where I teach people, mostly about basics and techniques of astrology. We definitely learn more as we share more knowledge.
In the future I would love to continue my passion for writing and help others with magnificent tools astrology gives us.

*Read this! Very important.

  • Time, date and place of birth required
  • If accurate time is not available a chart can be rectified or a more general chart may be used.
  • Sessions take 45 minutes to 1 hour, or as much as client can hold concentration for
  • Sessions can be in person, via Skype or e-mail. You don’t have to be present to have your chart read. You can also receive it through audio format or PDF.
  • Once received you can contact me with further questions or 24 hour notice required for cancellation. If you simply do not show up I charge 1/2 the fee of your session to compensate for my investment of time preparing your chart. 
  • I DO NOT and will not read charts of children younger than 12 years and even after 12 years under certain conditions.
  • I will NOT read charts of people that didn’t give their permission for their chart to be read unless in the sense of synastry and relationship dynamic.
All sessions can be recorded and can be emailed or burned onto a CD for you
  • Natal chart$200(Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Natal chart + 1 year progressions and transits120$ $100.00 (Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Horary astrology100$ – $80.00 ((Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Synastry – relationship dynamic chart- 100$ $80.00 ((Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Special focus (for existing clients only)$50.00 – $30.00 for one question or half an hour session (Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Fixed stars interpretation$50.00– $20.00 ((Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Draconic chart: $100.00 – $80.00 (Audio, PDF format or session in person)
  • Classes and workshops ((Audio, PDF format or session in person) – ask for more information

Tarot:   Schedule reading trough e-mail: 

Short biography:

Experienced Tarot reader, working with RSW, Gypsy Cards, Renaissance Tarot, using your natal chart for deeper connection. Feel free to ask me anything regarding the Tarot practice, I offer Tarot reports, Tarot lessons and advices.

Fashion&Textile designer (near diploma), who is working in social networks marketing, with cognitive-behavioral psychology certification and always ready to multitask something else- preferably online.

My approach to the clients is holistic, therapeutic, empathic and honest. I don’t sugarcoat, only realistic and objective reports is what you can expect from me.

My life would be harder without music ( thank you Soulseek), my plants, learning  (books), peace and quiet, Netflix, Star Trek, mythology and small gathrings with my nearest and dearest where I’m the cook.

My life goal is to live in green nature with some creek or river  near me, for 6 months, and for other 6 months to live by the sea. Also to have a horse, but not sure how to make all this work 😀

Astrological Cancer Sun, ASC Scorpio and Aquarius Moon, you can find me staring into the dark sky, with bright stars in the middle of the night, when everyone is sleeping and you can hear my nostalgic sighs and moans of overwhelming beauty and mystery with a feeling of melancholy that night sky gives me.

Miguel Araoz Cartagena

Astrology: Western Tropical

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My Experience:
I hold a degree in social work from Phoenix College and study social welfare and religion at Arizona State University. I am a self-taught astrologer and have been studying mostly full-time since 2016 and have tutored under personal mentors. I do not use a specific methodology. Instead, I pay attention to what works and what doesn’t work with myself and clients. If the method works, I am happy to use it.

What You Can Expect:
My astrological readings feel a lot like counseling sessions, minus wasting your time on trial and error. We have your chart, so we know what is most likely to work for you. It helps us fast track the process towards your goals.

  • Setting: Phone call or Skype/Google Hangouts or in person. I am in the United States. If you’d like to schedule something in person, please contact me.
  • Scheduling: Book with me by clicking here.
  • Rate: $75 a session. A session is one hour long. If you need immediate assistance, there is a $10 fast-forward fee for my services.
  • Time needed: I would set side an hour and 15 minutes in your calendar for your appointment. Sessions can go over by a few minutes due to the nature of conversation.
  • Topics and Charts: I use natal, transit, progressed, synastry, new moon, lunar return, solar return, horary, and electional charts. I do not charge by topic or chart used. I will use whatever resources are available to best serve you.

I will reach out to you if I need more information to prepare in advance. I do not do recorded readings at this time. I find both the client and the astrologer get more out of live interaction.

My placements for the curious: 3 degrees Libra Asc; Uranus, Sun, Neptune conjunct in Capricorn opposite Jupiter in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn. If there is anyone who can help you build a strong foundation, it’s me.


“Ira was very insightful and supportive. He seemed to have a deep knowledge of not only astrology, but also of psychology, neuroscience, and counseling, which he used to great effect to add value to his reading and provide additional practical ways to put the insights into practice for our benefit. Highly recommended.” – Lekshmy R. 

“His work reflects his passion for astrology, constantly learning. Which means at anytime, he is doing his very best, not just because he is such a caring person, but his drive to understand astrology better. What he does for others reflects his drive to constantly improve his understanding. He is professional, listens and tailors his sessions to the clients level of understanding and to find out what they are really looking for. He constantly teaches and inspires you with the passion he has about astrology.” – Vicki F.

Best, most in depth, comprehensive, reading I have ever had! Ira is an astoundingly intellectual and relatable human, with extensive knowledge in his field. 10/10 🌟 will be going to him again in the future! Thank you Ira!” – Grace P.

“All I can say is this, and I will uphold this statement if ever asked, just look up Jared Auble on facebook and ask me. Astrology is so much more than a daily newspaper horoscope, and I honestly wish they didn’t exist. If you are stuck and cannot find your way, dig into who you are by using astrology, and start by speaking to this man, I am so grateful for his help, he took more than two hours out of his time to help a distraught stranger freaking out about life. And without me having shared much of relevance to what was upsetting my internal balance, he actually was able to dig into the root, and give me perspective. I am so grateful I literally do not care if my name is on the internet from this review, the experience has been that helpful.” – Jared A.

Jyotish Astrology with Stellar Deb


 Client will get details reading of their charts thro ugh Stellar Astrology

Short biography:

“I m a Stellar Astrologer. I practice South Indian Krishnamurti System of Stellar (Nakshatra ) based Astrology.”


  • Jyotish Vidya Bharati
  • Jyotish Vidyalankar

Price: $200.00 / € 200.00