About Hermit Fool project

Hermit Fool project was started in 2014. by Sofia Miošek but was very soon turned into a group project and equal partnership with Ija Nazor, who already had experience with tarot and her own blog “Kiša karata” on Croatian language. As of 2018. Hermit Fool got richer for two more members, Ira Sanchez who adds bonus by sharing his articles and Stellar Deb,focusing on stellar astrology.

Things that make Hermit Fool different is that our purpose is mainly educational. We offer wide range of articles about both astrology and tarot, but we also try to keep it fun and human by letting our thoughts and words be filtered on paper usually with no censorship. 

We feel that expression should be free as it is just another form of art. 

Original idea is to give educational services but also offer help to our clients in making things clear when fog is too high.

We offer astrological and tarot consultations, workshops and lessons through which we try to supply you with quality material that will be your foundation for further learning and understanding, both of symbols in your life and your own personality potentials and blockages.

There is no instant change. We can’t change your life with a snap of our fingers, but we can point you some very insightful information that you can use as a map to curve your own path.

Hermit Fool team: 

Tarot by Ija Nazor

Astrology by  Sofia Miošek

Astrology by Ira Sanchez

Astrology (Jyotish KP system) by Stellar Deb

Astrology (Jyotish) by Pandit Katti

Astrology and writings by Kathleen Fraser

Astrology by Tena Tastanić



What are some services we offer:

  • Tarot card readings
  • Natal chart reading
  • Solar return charts + secondary progressions
  • Sabian degree reading and workings
  • Advices and educational systems
  • Synastry charts

If you wish to contact either of authors use this adresses:

Hermit Fool facebook page

or through e-mails: kristina.miosek@gmail.com

or : ija.tarot@gmail.com.


All articles if not stated otherwise belong to authors of:

©Hermit Fool 

Legal disclaimer

In compliance with the law, all divinations and readings are for the purposes of entertainment only.

The information, planetary guidance and data contained, posted and available throughout the https://hermitmeetsfool.wordpress.com website is purely for your entertainment purposes only. Any insights, analyses, predictions or guidance are not a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a therapist, lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, financial advisor or other counseling professional. Accordingly, Hermit Fool individually and https://hermitmeetsfool.wordpress.com do not offer, provide or imply any guarantees, warranties or assurances of any kind and they are not responsible for any interpretation, use or actions by the recipient based upon the information mentioned above. Hermit Fool  astrology  consultations are not psychic readings. Sofia is not, and does not claim to be, a psychic. She is astrologer and offers her insights based solely upon astrological techniques which pursuant according to the law are conducted for entertainment purposes only.  By visiting https://hermitmeetsfool.wordpress.com  you acknowledge and agree that you understand this disclaimer and agree to all of its terms.

The opinions and comments expressed on the Testimonial pages belong to the individual authors and reflect their personal experiences.  They were given voluntarily and are published with their full permission. No representations, promises or guarantees are made or should be construed to be made by Ija Nazor or Sofia Miošek that you will have an identical or even a similar experience or that a consultation will change your perspective or improve your life for the better. You and you alone are solely responsible for your thoughts and actions and  Sofia Miošek & Ija Nazor  individually and https://hermitmeetsfool.wordpress.com  assume no responsibility and are not liable  in any way whatsoever for any thought or action you take or fail to take as a result of a tarot or astrology consultation with Sofia Miošek or Ija Nazor or  participating in any on https://hermitmeetsfool.wordpress.com. By visiting hermitmeetsfool.wordpress.com, you acknowledge and agree that you understand this disclaimer and agree to all of its terms.


Sve usluge na ovoj stranici su u svrhu zabave. Tarot čitanje nije zamjena za medicinske, legalne, psiholoske i financijske konzultacije. Za takav savjet kontaktirajte kvalificiranu stručnu osobu. Informaciju koju ste dobili putem tarot čitanja je za zabavne svrhe i onaj tko vam gleda u tarot nije legalno odgovoran za sve štete, neprilike i gubitke koje su posljedica klijentovih odluka i radnji, a koje su bazirane na usluzi tarot čitanja.


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