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🥀A big THANK YOU to everyone following our page since it’s very start in 2014. 🥀 🦋We are a small community of tarot, astrology and numerology experts working on educating others but also providing services 🦋 Here are some of the services we offer: 🦋 TAROT READINGS 🦋ASTROLOGY […]

#SabianSymbol of the day

#SabianSymbol of the day: 🕊 “A PEACOCK PARADING ITS SPLENDOR ON THE TERRACE OF AN OLD CASTLE” “This particular symbol shows the beauty and splendor of private estates,wealth and riches. Behavior and presentation of form is of vital importance. Situations are likely to be well established, but could […]

Just another Moon day post

🌒 Happy 🌒 Moon 🌒 day May your week be easy and prosperous 🙏 Want to call Moon energy? ✅Colors of the day are white, silver, beinge and light blue. 🔱 📞Call your family today, or anyone you’d consider your tribe 📞 ▫️Moon is currently on 13° Taurus […]

Neptune: illusion and inspiration

Neptune is not just planet that inspires. It is also the planet of daydreamers, poets, musicians or painters that easily cross boundaries. You will meet many people who have dominant Neptune in their charts, such as conjunct ascendant, MC,IC, or conjuncting lights (Sun,Moon). But Neptune is not a […]