Dearest Libra, as a sign that loves being in the middle I figured you would go just after Cancer and Aries, and that we should leave Capricorn for the last place – as Capricorn as Saturnian sign surely has the patience needed to wait.

Libra, some nice cards have been pulled for you and your main eclipse theme is represented by Queen of Pentacles but also many reversed cards appeared. Some tarot readers don’t work with reversed cards, but either way, we look at both positive and negative connotations of the card. Why? Simply because we’re not all on the same path, not everyone is conscious of things happening, etc.

Also, interestingly none of the cards fell out of the deck during this shuffling, even that was balanced during this reading.

Libra, just like all the other cardinal signs, especially those having important planets in the first decan (0°-10°) Libra or second decan (10°-15°), of all cardinal signs; Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries. Eclipses are always total resets, themes that bring back the old themes and prepare us for the new phase in our lives.

This eclipse in Cancer repeats certain themes of the eclipses that happened in 2001.,in the personal or mundane sense.

For you Libra, the reawakening of your unique creative spirit seems to be a great quest for this whole year.

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1.) Your personal eclipse theme

2.) What’s appropriate to do? What are the things I have you have to work on?

3.) Sun and Moon theme – Outer & Inner, public & personal

4.) Saturn and Pluto theme – Where do you feel restricted? Where can you expect crisis & transformation?

5.) Jupiter & Neptune- Spiritual quests and themes to work with.


extra reading with astrological dice 🙂 A special message or confirmation of this reading makes it hybrid. 

My Post


1.) Your Personal Eclipse Theme – Queen of Pentacles

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KEYWORDS: enjoying life. Learning practicality. Lots of love. Sharing your resources. Developing security. Economic security. In tune with natural cycles. Struggles with passivity. Controlling your addictions.

TAROT OF TSAR: Generosity.Opulence. Bounteous. Attention to politics.

Libra, you’re finally developing material and personal stability, but a sober and realistic approach is wanted.

Just like the Gaia, the mother Earth – you are too in tune with the natural cycles and you’ve probably intuitively known that this time will come sooner or later. 

Enjoying life and having a stable economic situation is a nice card to pull out as your personal eclipse theme card and Queen of Pentacles is just what this card talks about. Queen can handle her own, she is independent and focused, safe in her own power. 

Queens will be queens, right? Earthy queens look at things from a secure and practical perspective and they should enjoy life by any means but material side also has their bad sides, such as developing addictions that might keep us locked without us noticing. 

If there is such a thing, the Queen of Pentacles must use the earth power to develop self-control and purity. Things from a ruling chair can be changed if we develop a practical nature. Pentacles as Earth offers no free gifts. Earth asks us to work hard for our profits. Earth is sometimes prone to stacking resources that definitely clog up chances for new things, and not even Earth herself enjoys changes. Sharing with others is what will ultimately free the space needed to place new and fresh things inside and you will feel better than ever.

Tarot of Tsar connects this card to the generosity and gives it attention to politics. 

Queens will definitely rule, once they stop resisting natural change cycles. Eclipses are always a time of purity and the reset. 


2.) What’s appropriate to do? What are some of the thing you need to work on? -7 of Wands (reversed)


KEYWORDS: Defending your beliefs. Finding your courage. Cooperation rather than competition. Time of hard work and developing a healthy competition. Clashes with the environment. Endurance. Overcoming difficulties but at price. Writing and reading. Finding time for day-to-day themes and chores. Uncertainty.

TAROT OF TSAR: Demetrius and the Antichrist- Long battle against a strong and ruthless enemy.

“Distribute my earthly riches among them, for we shall seek heavenly riches for ourselves.” –St.Demetrius  (click on the link to read the whole Demetrius story)

Dearest Libra, in most of the tarot decks 7 of Wands is anything but a calm design. We can see a young fellow taking a protective stance almost as he is ready to defend himself so this card is known as the card of the self-defense, or the defense from ourselves. 

Perhaps somebody is the bad influence for us and this card warns us to stand up in our defense. 

For something like that we will need bravery and a firm attitude. It’s best if we stay out of the battles that aren’t ours unless we need to defend somebody who can’t defend themselves. Then this card shows a brave person who can fight the injustices. If we’re in competition with something or someone, we need to think about how healthy the competition is or are we constantly competing against everything in our environment and why? Unhealthy competition leaves both sides drained and creative purpose of this card is shut down. 

The reversed card tells us that cooperation is needed, even if the outcome seems uncertain at this moment. 

Sure, we all have personal beliefs that need to be defended. But do they really have to be so important? Tarot of Tsar tells us that our enemies are strong and ruthless so is the battle really necessary? Do we have the endurance and will needed to carry it out?

Reversed 7 of Wands speaks of struggle and tells us we pick fights with too many opponents while trying to keep our position in a conflict’s situation. Combat is difficult with an uncertain outcome, and the card has a very similar in both straight or reversed card. 

Learn how to cooperate with your enemies and friends rather than continuing to create new ones. 


3.) Sun and Moon theme: Inner & Outer, Public & Personal – 9 of Wands (reversed)




KEYWORDS: Enormous desire for personal success. Temptations and overcoming them. Working but with delays. Warrior spirit. Health recovery. Curiosity. Dealing with the habit of postponing important projects. Believing in your inner strength. Doubts. Stubbornness. Developing discipline. Potential for victory. Taking a break.

TAROT OF TSAR: Saint Acacius-postponement of activities. Delay. Obstacles to overcome.

Story of St.Acacius

“Achatius was a native of Cappadocia and as a youth joined the Roman army during the reign of Emperor Hadrian, attaining the rank of captain. One day, when leading his company against the enemy, he heard a voice saying to him, “Call on the God of Christians!” He obeyed, was instructed, and received Baptism. Filled with zeal, he henceforth sought to convert also the pagan soldiers of the army. When the emperor heard of this, Achatius was thrown into prison, then placed on the rack, bound to a post and scourged, because he refused to offer sacrifice to the idols. When all these tortures availed nothing, he was brought before the tribune Bibianus.

Arrived in Byzantium the Saint was again cast into prison, and after seven days dragged before the judge. When neither promises nor the most atrocious torments shook the constancy of the brave confessor of the Faith, the judge sent him to Flaccius, the proconsul of Thracia, who imprisoned him for five days and meanwhile read the records of his former trials. Then he ordered him to be beheaded. Achatius suffered death for Christ on May 8, 311.

Note: St. Achatius’ name is also spelled Acacius. He is invoked for headaches.” (source)

Even the Tarot of Tsar mentions themes such as sacrifice and obedience while most Tarot decks speak on the relief after some sort of conflict. Like the Raider-Waite tarot deck shows a young gentleman in the bandages surrounded by 8 other wands while holding firmly on to one wand and he seems stressed out. Sometimes life looks hard and we have a hard time dealing with too much stress and too much pressure, so it’s no wonder that after the battles we led, we feel tired, lonely and exhausted. 

Nine of Wands usually tells us there’s an endurance test ahead. Perhaps you’re privately hurt but not giving up, or maybe you aren’t really hurt but show in public that you are? Are you exhausted or stressed out in private life because you’re trying to prove yourself on work? This card says battles are not over yet, so some attention is needed. 

Sometimes this card doesn’t even have to be about you and your work. It can point to somebody you care about (friend, partner) that is quite absent and spends too much time working that he forgets about you and tries to “fight” you when you ask him/her otherwise. 

It’s the card of the “being on the guard”, similar to the 7 of Wands, it speaks on conflicts or past conflicts that are not yet concluded. 

What things you need to fulfill in your life? Self-control, hard-working attitude & exercise will be needed to bear out the force of the fiery and artistic wands. Cards of conflict are definitely not the cards Libra prefers, but they seem to pop up as major eclipse themes. With Wands, we can become pre-occupied with short-term goals while losing the long-term perspective and that creates problems because we rarely get anything accomplished as again and again we are stuck.

Like Saint Acacius, we are sort of martyrs in this tale. We just have to make sure our martyrdom makes sense, and that we’re not sacrificing ourselves for nothing. If it has a higher purpose, something that is higher than us, then we can stay on our guard and persist in the fight. We are wounded, but strong. 

Curiosity is present, but the prizes can only come with self-discipline. If we can tame ourselves, nothing appears untamable anymore. 

4.) Saturn & Pluto- Where do we feel experience restriction and where to expect crisis and transformation? XIX. The Sun


preuzmi (1)

KEYWORDS: Success. Joy. Life & creativity. Positive development of health and physical body. Good mental health, fulfillment, and feeling complete. Being in the right place at the right time. Harvesting well deserved rewards.

TAROT OF TSAR: The Holy Trinity – The perfect equilibrium. Solidarity, friendship, solution of problems. N. Conflict of personalities. Difficulties in deciding. Misunderstandings. 


Having Sun as Saturn & Pluto card could definitely denote some sort of identity crisis & transformation. Everybody will be transforming in some fields, and at least you’re in the sunny garden. 

Traditionally and astrologically Sun is connected to health and vigor, success, delight, and optimism but also ego and the way we manifest our ego. Is there anything about your lifestyle, physical body, habits, diet that you need to say goodbye to for good? Eclipses are the ideal opportunity for cutting poisonous things from the roots.

The Sun forever finds solutions to the difficulties and comprehends consciously where to set the boundaries in a healthy, non-oppressive way. 

Truly this is the card of solidarity and friendshipsa perfect equilibrium, although to some Libras it can point to a struggle of the personalities and struggle to find a suitable partner. Missing a human touch. Sometimes imagining we have no ego is just another ego trip, so in this case, Sun teaches us to develop and use our ego in a limited and wholesome way which wouldn’t cause a dispute of personalities. 

One of the main symbols of The Sun card is the children. Our love for children and the way we exchange energy with children are represented in the best way possible when we use the energy of this card. 

Inner child and outer child eventually become grown people full of wisdom. 


5.) Jupiter & Neptune – Spiritual Quests and themes to work with – Knave of Wands (reversed)



preuzmi (2)     KEYWORDS: Creativity and openness. Spontaneity. Inspiring others. Foreign travels. Waiting for the right moment. Difficulty in controlling desires and urges. Developing conscious control. Keeping a safe distance. Immature approach to sexuality.

TAROT OF TSAR: Good news. Search for understanding. End of rivalry.

In the Raider-Waite tarot deck, we can see a young fellow standing in the desert in front of three wands, watching the sprouts on the top of the wands. 

It describes someone that knows how to make the use of goods and has a good self-confidence. He’s creative and open and gifted with great enthusiasm. His attitude is positive and his actions spontaneous. He can inspire other people and it shows up when we need to learn something. 

At times it can also speak on foreign people, cultures and foreign lands. In the negative context, it can show too much impulsivity, having a hard time to find the peace we need and habit of giving up on things before finishing them. 

This card also speaks on journies, whether it’s vacation or trip related to a job in a foreign country or it could mean we will receive the news from someone that is in the foreign land. 

An attractive person with a free spirit, it can also describe our lover. 

Knaves are usually not well experienced and are only at the beginning of the journey, so whatever creative project you start now – you will collect the fruits later. 

Biggest obstacle Knave of Wands wants to overcome is controlling his desires and urges and further needs to learn that part of spirituality is also waiting for the right moment, seeking for understanding and ultimately expressing our own creativity. 



libra astro dice

Any foreign lovers Libra? Venus in Scorpio definitely speaks on love and secrecy, an intense sexual union. Venus in Scorpio loves and hates sometimes, at the same time. It’s no wonder Venus has her detriment in this sign. Scorpio likes intense and dramatic plays that often lead to emotional manipulations, although in the best case scenario it could describe an intense sexual and creative union where two people can die and rise together like the phoenix. 

9th house is not only concerned with foreign travel and cultures, but it is also connected to the philosophical and religious side. Perhaps some part of your belief system is dead and a new one will be reborn?

In the mundane sense 9th house is also connected to laws and judges, so foreign affair might be connected to these themes too. Especially if the people involved were suffering. 

Only you know Libra. Good luck ❤


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