Hey Aries, how’s going? I can imagine Saturn squares have been annoying the hell out of you. You are after all fiery energy that is hard to be controlled and believe me, we all love freedom but just keep seeking it in other places. I guess the big question is…what exactly do we want to be free from? And what on the other hand is preventing us from achieving that freedom?

Make exercise. On the piece of paper write the big FREEDOM and then write as fast as you can all the things you can come up that you associate with freedom. After you’re done, try to remember which word you wrote first.  You are now one step closer to finding out what do you want to be free from exactly because honestly, nobody knows but you.

Your partners or your parents might have a different perspective on what freedom should mean for you, but at the end of the day – it’s your own life. And who would know that better than you, Aries? Your independent spirit inspires many people. Your feet step into places nobody would dare but sometimes, and in these times – our system of freedom requires firm structure, and that’s what’s Saturn has been trying to do.

The more we resist, the worse it becomes. So the advice is to go with the flow, even if that means accepting a few responsibilities that seem boring or useless.


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1.) Your personal eclipse theme

2.) What’s appropriate to do? What are the things I have you have to work on?

3.) Sun and Moon theme – Outer & Inner, public & personal

4.) Saturn and Pluto theme – Where do you feel restricted? Where can you expect crisis & transformation?

5.) Jupiter & Neptune- Spiritual quests and themes to work with.

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*) Card that fell out during shuffling: XVII. The Star


aries star xvii


KEYWORDS: revealing the truth. Pure and sublime. “Washing yourself clean” as spiritual purification. Return to simple and natural. Removal of borders and limitations. Hope. Sharing with others. Cosmic experiences.

TAROT OF TSAR:  The Stars- Arcana XVII – The Holy Nativity – brilliant ideas, a positive sign, generous help. Spiritual gifts. N. Resignation, bad premonitions, loss of lucidity. 

Dear Aries, this is a great card to fall out during shuffling. The Star is a card that is usually well liked in the tarot community, symbolizing hope and return along with optimism and healing. 

The Star is usually shown as a naked female figure, therefore even representing the physical limitations we are to remove to experience spiritual freedom. In many decks, Star is one foot in the water and one foot on the ground and the border between water and land remains unclear. It’s almost like the mix of cosmic and earthy energy when we meet The Star. 

Sometimes in a negative context, we may experience trouble with setting our personal limits and our giving nature easily becomes used by others and wasted. Perhaps we’re investing lots of energy into something that’s already there?

The Star may also point to return to self, especially our higher self in the esoterical sense. In some cases, this card may also indicate pregnancy, as Tarot of TSAR shows the Holy Nativity as a representation of triad unity and family. Something that is being created.

In other cases, it may point to return to your home. You are protected and luck is on your side. Let the things flow naturally and expect something good. Either you’re wondering about love or any other questions- The Star is usually a good omen

Return to your body. Look good and feel good, as this card is also pretty much connected to our health and vitality, but also our sexuality. Embarrassed for what?

1.) Your personal eclipse theme – 10 OF PENTACLES

10 of pentacles aries rdy


KEYWORDS: Plenty. Abundance. Family Reunion. Strong Ties. Fortune. Enjoying Life. Reconnecting with your roots. Hard work that pays off. Three generations. Possible inheritance or family help. Promotions at work.

TAROT OF TSAR: St.Nicholas brings Basil home- Return to family. Strong emotional ties.

St. Nicholas story: 

St. Nicholas and the Basil as the gift. A story of Nicholas and gifts is mostly known in the Christian circles, but there was also a St. Basil who would bring children many gifts. Are those two the same person or archetype? We don’t really know. But one thing is for certain, St. Nicholas is a family holiday, similar to Christmas and the previous card that fell out of reading. We yet again have the importance of the family mentioned.

Aries, this eclipse is in the sign of the Cancer, so it’s family theme present all around and it brings it to you as the important subject. Especially to all other cardinal signs (Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and you Aries). Some of you brave Aries moved away from your family and showed us a pioneering spirit. Perhaps nostalgia has been hitting you for too long and you’re yearning for your return and reconnecting with your family and friends?

10 of Pentacles brings the whole material nature of coins and highlights them. This particular card is usually shown as three generations and pets enjoying life. This card signifies good luck and security that usually lies in family fortune and money that was worked hard for. 

If you’re seeking financial support it will most likely come from your family line. It can come from other well-established sources as well. 

It’s a great card for any business or promotions at work.

Your hard work will definitely pay off. 


2.) What’s appropriate to do? What are the things I need to work on? ACE OF PENTACLES

aop aries

KEYWORDS: Potential for growth. Business or economic ventures. Victory. Gains. Bodily health. Money increase. New practical projects. New beginnings in material fields.

TAROT OF TSAR:  The Archangel Michael and Gabriel – victory, inheritance, increased assets.

Well, our fellow fire bro or sis with Aries Sun, Moon or Rising, a new job opportunity could be peeking right down the block and you might just accept it since there is a possibility of higher raise and advancement. It is definitely a card that represents a new and fresh start on the material field and our values. 

Perhaps rather than getting a new job, you decide to venture into your own business or invest your gains into something important, with knowing that Ace of Pentacles promises success but only through hard work, as every earthy pentacle. 

It offers you the manifestation of your visions, especially your creative visions represented by Wands or Cups. Moving homes, new projects, new job/work, bigger loans and an increase in financial gains but also increase in feelings of self-worth. Business trips or visiting friends is possible with this card. 

Sometimes it can symbolize financial loses or problems with money, telling us we’re taking huge bites when our skills are not yet developed. 

Be proud of yourself- you deserve it.


3.) Sun and Moon theme – Inner & Outer. Public & Personal – XII. THE HANGED MAN 


the hanged man 12

KEYWORDS: spiritual initiation. Feeling like giving up. Accepting being different. Learning to take responsibility. Different perspective. Opportunity. Giving up on previous assumptions. Contemplation. Sacrifice and deep understanding.

TAROT OF TSAR: St.Nikitas and the devil – Sacrifice for an ideal. Ties with the supernatural. Initiatory rite. Divination. Exorcism. N. Atonement of sins. Imprisonment. Great pain.


     St.Nikitas story

The Holy martyr Nicetas the Goth was a member of the Germanic tribes of the fourth century who early had accepted Christianity and bravely defended the Christian faith against those Goth who remained pagans and hostile to the Gospel. Nicestas was martyred by the pagan prince Athanaric. St. Nicetas is commemorated on September 15.

Familiar with Tarot or no, you’ve probably come across this symbol of the man being hanged by his one-foot upside down. At least that’s the image most of the classical decks show. In the past, being hanged upside down was a form of punishment, especially for thievery and traitors. 

Tarot symbolism is wide and this card shows us inverted perspective and a whole new outlook on our life and the lives of the others. The hanged man is a form of the spiritual initiation and the opportunity to see the world with your eyes wide open, but only if you give up on your previous assumptions and learn how to take responsibility on your own spiritual path. 

Yes, some sacrifices will be needed – even if they include completely changing your lifestyle. Perhaps you can finally accept that you’re different and stop making hopeless efforts to “straighten” yourself up. Maybe you lead an unconventional lifestyle that is completely different from the rest of the society? Great – this card totally supports it. 

You should definitely strive to make the best use out of your unique talents. Sacrifice is also a big theme here. 

Examine the depth but don’t hurt anyone in the process. 

You may feel like you’re ready to put everything into question – and that is okay too. 

Slow down and see what’s happening. Accept the situation as it comes. 


4.) Saturn & Pluto theme – Where do you feel restricted? Where can you expect crisis & transformation? VIII. The Justice

aries justice done

KEYWORDS: Equal share. Justice wins. Finding the balance. Weight of the heart. Adding the human touch. Passion control. Punishment for crimes. Decision. Intellect. Playing a devils lawyer.

TAROT OF TSAR:  The Archangel Michael – Triumph of justice. Fair evaluation. Respect for the hierarchy. N. Excessive scruples. Problem with justice. Prejudices. 

The Archangel Michael

In the New Testament Michael leads God’s armies against Satan‘s forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan. In the Epistle of Jude Michael is specifically referred to as “the archangel Michael”. Catholic sanctuaries to Michael appeared in the 4th century, when he was first seen as a healing angel, and then over time as a protector and the leader of the army of God against the forces of evil. (Wiki)

Aries, it’s time to stop and see all the pros and cons of the current situation. Where do you feel restricted and limited? What are the positive and negative sides of it? This card tells us your sense of judgment is highlighted, or that you will be judged. 

Perhaps there is a theme in your life or your past that needed to be judged but didn’t? Well, it will. Justice always acts with reason and logic and it’s very similar energy to the sign of Libra– your opposite cardinal but air sign. 

Just like in the court – both parties get a chance to present and defend their truth and the judge eventually makes the decision based on the evidence. 

Is it your past or your present that needs to be judged? Are you balanced enough and are you really involved in fairness? 

Some of the traditional meanings of this card were associated with justice and law and it could in a literal sense represent judge figure that punishes crimes.

Judging that we made this card speaking on Saturn and Pluto influence during the eclipse, make sure that you’re not breaking any laws that could jeopardize your position and ruin many great opportunities. It warns us that not only social laws that could be broken but also moral laws and promises we made

Especially for others.

Sometimes this card also represents judgmental and critical parent figure. Someone restrictive or too fixated on us. Sword pictured on the figure is also a useful tool to cut away from the past & disengage from it, but only when we make that decision. 

If you’re not sure how to approach your problem – a logical solution and a precise cold head could help.

Make sure all the things are balanced and shared equally. 


5.) Jupiter & Neptune theme – Spiritual Quests & themes to work with – 2 OF CUPS (reversed)

2 of cups aries done


KEYWORDS: Roleplay. Uncertainty. Love and connecting. Trust fall. Rethinking your actions. Partnerships. Crisis in romance/partnerships. Strong emotions. Marriage potential. Duality and unity. Roleplay.

TAROT OF TSAR: Joseph and the Virgin Mary – Born out of love. Pledge of loyalty. Amorous rite.

Wow, Aries, only reversed card in your reading and this one speaks on love. But didn’t the Justice card and Libra energy lead us into this theme already? I think it did. 

Aries, Venus has her detriment in your sign, meaning your relationships may turn into the battlefield. Especially when you feel like it is too much you have to do, not so many things you want to do. Feelings of the uncertainty of making the decisions that are important in your partnerships. 

This card usually carries a love and marriage potential, although reversed one may point to trouble in paradise. Re-thinking your actions and building a broken trust might be a big spiritual lesson and quest for you during this solar eclipse. Unity of Two Souls. 

Strong emotions are building up and duality is felt more than ever before. Of course – Neptune is in the dual sign of Pisces and Jupiter is in the dual sign of Sagittarius. And since they’re both retrograde – old themes could be the reason behind it. 

Sexuality and the spiritual part of commitment must be something that needs to be worked on- properly.  Roles that we play in our relationships, partnerships or friendships must be thought through as two polaritiesmasculine and feminine are trying to unite inside of our character and inside of our immediate surroundings. 

The heart is above our head in this case

This card warns us of impulsive, sexual and dangerous activities while we’re almost drunken in love. 

True love is never involved with complications. In your case love comes from both sides. Are you ready for that serious relationship, Aries? 




Aries astro cubes

Uranus in Capricorn and your 8th house asks you to find the alternative approach to how you want to make practical and long-term use of all of the values you receive from others. 

It also speaks on the unconventional way of receiving money or inheritance. It is truly a mix of old and new, traditional and unconventional, long term (Capricorn) excitement (Uranus) but just don’t think this will be easily achieved. 

Whatever goes through the 8th house has to die and be reborn. Just like The Hanged Man card in your reading – a different approach is wanted. An alternative way is needed. Unconventional and elastic is what is needed.

8th house is also the house of the intimacy and with that, with Uranus – expect the unexpected or definitely incorporate new things in your relationships and sexuality. 

Do something together for the first time, have fun together as both friends and lovers. 

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