Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse is already felt, as well as Mercury preparing to go retrograde, Saturn and Pluto have been holding hands for a while and projecting all the unconscious collective and social trash on to our identity and purpose, our emotions and private life (Sun, Moon, Mercury) and the way we’re structuring our thoughts.

Since this particular Solar eclipse happening on July 2, 2019, will be happening in the sign of #Cancer, I felt it would only be appropriate to start the readings with cardinal signs and choose Cancer as the first one. In the next few posts, you will be able to read about other Cardinal signs; Libra, Capricorn, and Aries. But please keep in mind that I don’t want to get on the Aries bad side (fire bros) and I know how impatient they are so I will 95% be doing Aries next.

For these hybrid readings I “invented” the eclipse spread.  I didn’t get a chance to name it yet, but if you want to use it for market purposes, I would like to be credited ❤ It’s a simple 5 card spread and you don’t really need anything else. I used astrological dices for special messages and also used a card that fell out during shuffling as some kind of a special message for everyone having either Sun, Moon or Rising in this sign.

Remember that Solar Eclipse effects are felt for around 365 days or one year and bring important activation both in our personal lives and mundane themes around us.

We can also look at these cards from the non-personal perspective for countries “born” in the sign of Cancer: Holland, USA, Paraguay, Scotland, New Zealand or cities “born” under this cardinal sign: Amsterdam, Manchester, Milan, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo, Venice, York.


Slikovni rezultat za 5 cards tarot spread

Spread cards however you want to spread them. It’s important you have 5 cards.

  • FIRST CARDyour personal eclipse theme card
  • SECOND CARDwhat’s appropriate to do? what can I do to make my situation better
  • THIRD CARDSun & Moon theme (Inner/Outer, Public/Personal)
  • FOURTH CARDPluto & Saturn (Where to expect crisis & transformation, where do we feel restricted and which areas need structuring)
  • FIFTH CARDJupiter & Neptune (Spiritual Quests, Lessons to be learned)



*) Card that fell from the deck during shuffling

XIV. Temperance

My Post (10)

KEYWORDS: blending and integration, art, balancing, spiritual alchemy, forgiveness, human and divine, moderation, middle path, patience, and perseverance, healthy nutrition.

TAROT OF TSAR: Saint Sophia – capacity to adapt. Positive transformation. Healthy relaxation. Recovery. N. Lack of clarity, dislike, opposition, anxiety.

Our dear Cancers got a very beautiful message from the Universe, and well Solar eclipse is happening in your sign. This card beautifully describes what this eclipse brings you. Blending of both polarities of your opposite sign of Capricorn and your Cancer Sun, Moon or Ascendant. 

Finding the middle way where both sides meet will be a big part of this eclipse themes for you. 

The middle way could be sought in relationships and friendships, but also in our personal diet and health questions. Perhaps in the past, we had problems with not being able to say NO to the harmful environment or harmful personas and now we’re ready to practice moderation, patience, and perseverance.

Temperance is connecting both human and the divine nature giving us a great power for spiritual alchemy & strength for forgiveness.

This card is best used for expressing our art in any form and balancing through staying patient and moderate. 

This is the year of healing, recovery and good health – and this card speaks just about that.

1) Personal Eclipse Theme: 0 The Fool

the fool 1

KEYWORDS: travel, roaming free, outside of the box, seeing through new eyes, belonging and not belonging at the same time, giving up on control, new beginnings, freedom, here and now, journey, putting big questions on hold, going your own way.

TAROT OF TSAR: The Possession of Garesa recovery of psychological faculties. Return to health. N. Slavery. Delirium. Madness. Diabolical Possession.

*Exorcism of the Gerasene Demoniac story*

“The exorcism of the Gerasene demoniac, frequently known as the Miracle of the (Gadarene) Swine, is one of the miracles performed by Jesus according to the New Testament.[1] The story shows Jesus exorcising a demon or demons out of a man and into a herd of swine, causing the swine to run down a hill into a lake and drown themselves.

The story appears in the three Synoptic Gospels, but not the Gospel of John. All accounts involve Jesus exorcising demons, identified collectively in Mark and Luke as “Legion“.

The story was interpreted by Saints Augustine of Hippo and Thomas Aquinas to mean that Christians have no duties to animals.[2] It has been a point of contention in discussions of Christianity and animal rights.[3]”

“Extremely interesting story indeed, Cancer. The Fool is definitely one of the most mysterious cards. The first controversy over this arcanum arises from its number. It is marked with a zero but it is also the arcanum without a number as it was always called in occult treatises. ” (4)

Man is hastily walking on a rock leading to precipe while wearing a ridiculous looking hat and usually has a dog and other animals following him. We can be sure this man is a traveler. Perhaps the danger lies ahead but he chooses not to focus on it but look ahead and above in the sky for the inspiration. We could say he’s headed for the abyss having picked only the necessities for his journey. 

With Fool, new and brave beginnings are ahead. Humans are also animals, and regardless of a bible story – humans are as important as animals. Helping other animals and pets or on the other hand using animal spirits and protectors in your daily life through meditations and rituals could be extremely powerful now. Even the Moon goddess Diana had two dogs. Even the Moon card in the tarot deck has two dogs looking at what it looks to be an eclipse. 

What is the animal story in your own personal life Cancer? Is your relationship with animals equal or are you sacrificing too much of yourself? Are you taking your pets with you to accompany you on your journey? Don’t be afraid to ask others for help. You need to enjoy life also 🙂

Either way, animals will help you. Especially your spirit animals. 


2.) What’s appropriate to do? What are some of the things I should do during the eclipse? IV The Emperor

the emperor reversed


KEYWORDS: assertiveness vs. aggressiveness. Working on your authority. Relying on past achievements. Stability of Material World.  Conservation of Force. Power and Control. Strong Will. Lack of Control. Owning things.

TAROT OF TSAR:  The Holy Savior – Stability in every sense. Delicate authority. Protection. N. Conflict with powerful men or collaborations. Inadequacy.

This card teaches us about the unique self-conscious force, existing in Man and in nature which is able to realize itself outwardly, that is to take a FORM. What did King Oedipus say to Sphinx? 

“Thy enigma in Man, in childhood crawling on all fours, in maturity on two legs and in old age on three, using a walking stick for support.”


Contemplating your own authority and your potential to be a leader are, of course, themes highlighted during this eclipse. You need to learn how to conserve force and exercise being assertive rather than aggressive. Developing your will and staying true to what you believe, contemplating life and time but most importantly – controlling your impulses. Emperor may point to having the lack of control and fight attitude fueled by “protecting our own” and standing your ground. 

Some people or situations may make you feel provoked and prone to angry bursts, or perhaps your current job is similar to military or security services.  Whichever the reason is, anger and lack of control must be addressed and dealt with properly. 

Fear of real or imaginary enemies is present…you always seem to be on your guard in case some intruder wants to steal what you honestly earned. 

As a number 4, Emperor is also connected to a family, tradition, and loyalty, so the whole shielding and protecting could be connected to your family roots and family past karmic stories. 

One more card that tells us how important it is to take care of your own personal needs and develop a strong will, patience, and strength to claim your throne. 

Emperor may also point to fatherhood roles and themes, conservative values of honor, virtue, and discipline.

Where can you build discipline and claim your throne? Is your ego fragile and not developed yet so you have to find a solution to build it? Do you express too much egotism? Only you know dear Cancer. 

3) Sun and Moon – Outer and Inner, Public and Personal – King of Chalices

king of chalices

Tarot of Tsar King of Chalices (edit by: kozmonaut_23 

KEYWORDS: friendly & warm approach. Therapy work. Creativity. Ruling over your emotions. Overcoming Shyness. Feeling contained. Opening to others. Giving or taking advice. Distanced compassion. Creativity.

TAROT OF TSAR: Scientist, artist or established professional. Individualist character.

Dear Cancer, this particular card speaks on family, collective family and a community where the sense of belonging, history, and tradition collide together. Finding your own tribe and learning how to develop a commitment to a group – even at a price of giving up on your favorite things of interest. 

Sometimes this particular card may speak on discord in the family or friendships or that you’ve found yourself in a restrictive structure that doesn’t allow for any flexibility or adaptation. Are you even happy with what you currently have? Do you feel blocked to express your creative side, ruling over your emotions and feeling unloved?

If we manage to open to others and accept them as our tribe by overcoming our shyness, we will softly return to our stable condition.

At least you can safely rely on your friends. Friends are important here since you are advised to open up, hear and give some important advice by staying emotionally present yet distanced and independent. 

4.) Saturn & Pluto themes (Where do you feel restricted? Where can you expect crisis & transformation) –  XI. Strength (reversed)



KEYWORDS: Choosing cooperation rather than confrontation. Taming the bursts of passion. Building courage. Active creative expression. Animal impulses and instincts. Inner resourceful world. Detached intellect. Human and animal behavior. Self-control. Overcoming your weakness.

TAROT OF TSAR: St.George and the dragon – Intelligence dominates brutality. Victory over common sense. Self-control. N. Impulsive reaction. Anger. Recklessness. 


Literally, every person in this world is powerful in some segment and weak in the other.

Force, Strength or Lust in some decks is the card that talks about motivation and courage to face the obstructive challenges that are not easy to achieve but not impossible either.  Your creative expression force needs a proper release and you are advised to definitely be creative but in a controlled way. The structure is needed, as well as the correct direction of your energies that are fueled by animalistic instincts and impulses. Strength is a great card if we know how to control it.

Thinking about taking risks? Sure, take small risks but not too many as this card warns that if we are careless in our attitudes and expressions, we might just get bitten.

Tensions may arise as you feel the need to keep ALL THE THINGS under the control and continue punishing for making mistakes in the present that will eventually become the past you’ll hate yourself for in the future for. Unrealistic assessment of your own forces may lead to a failure that is caused by nothing less than your own inner conflicts. The past and present theme is so important for Cancers because their memory is so sharp they can remember essential memories not many people do. But their gift also puts them in a constant battlefield between time: past, present, and future. How can we use this time to advance in the future?

This is the time of building up the courage and taming your intense passions. Choosing cooperation rather than conflict is advised now – also keeping up and practicing self-control, especially on animalistic and sexual impulses.

You have the enormous inner resourceful world, use it creatively and you might just go far. Creative energy is very similar to sexual energy. Both become horrible if suppressed or denied. But it’s also true that if both are released in a proper way and controlled way can be amazingly rewarding.

Choose that path and you might just go far.

5.) Jupiter & Neptune – Spiritual Quests and Themes To Work with – XV. The Devil

the devil


KEYWORDS: Growing from below. Sacrificing time and money. Inventiveness in sexual matters. Defying conventional norms. Impulse and passion. Non-rational behavior. Seeking personal satisfaction. Liberating experience or being locked in experiences that bind us.

TAROT OF TSAR: The Devil XV – Refined seduction. Psychological energy. Ambiguous and irresistible charm. N. Sexual perversion. False promises. Wickedness. Black magic.

Getting a Devil card as a spiritual quest card may sound pretty scary to some, and hilarious to others. (I am in the second team)

Diggin deep into our fears and addictions may give us lots of answers for where the illuminating light is needed at this point. What are some of the fears you never touched? Spiders? Heights? Ghosts and demons? Dark rooms? Being alone? 

Everyone is scared of something, yet nobody wants to admit it. Obviously fear is our weak spot and ultimately the reason that leads us into many temptations. 

Living with the same dose of fear creates a sort of addiction to comfort zone, and Cancer usually finds it in the previous patterns from their past. After so many years spent in a toxic and unhealthy bond – it’s time to detach yourself from it.

And let me just say; we can get addicted or bonded to either living or material things.  Positively this card symbolizes the busts of creativity and sexuality, followed by controversies, paradoxes, and contradictions in some cases. 

With the Devil, we act on our impulses hardly thinking them through. We are bound and shackled in passion, lust or material things but we don’t realize we have that power to brush it off. Regardless of Tarot of TSAR comparing it to St. George slaying the dragon, classical tarot decks always show two personas shackled with chains and devil sitting on the material square. 

Acting from our impulses is not necessarily bad, sometimes it can save our lives since adrenaline rush gives us super-human power. Just like that the Devil gives us superpowers but at what price? 

A good way to use it would be to act from our impulses but think it through a little bit, use our passions and desires to do something creative (I already mentioned creative energy is extremely similar to the sexual energy) and finally moving from the past family influences and trauma we experienced. 

Working on developing a healthy ego, and quality release of this huge creative energy is what is advised. 


My Post.png

Dices say: Sun in Scorpio in 12th house

Dabbing into the unknown. Psychoanalysis. The richness in alone time. Cutting ties with toxic things from the past. Seeing through the fog. Exploring your “demons” freely. Stepping bravely into the abyss and making the unconscious conscious. Using past as power to discover your identity.


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Golden Tarot of the Tsar source
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