Mercury retrograde survival tips&tricks

Are you ready for the next cycle of Retrograde Mercury? Are you excited?

Oh yes, it’s coming again! Approximately 4 times a year, our little Hermes goes in the quest to search himself. And as he goes, he leaves chaos and discord. If you ask anybody who knows anything deeper regarding astrology about Mercury retrograde you will hear warnings and concerns. Every astrologer will tell you to be careful to not sign any contract, double check all information and confirm before any act, especially regarding friends, work and travels.

Mercury will stop in his journey over the sky, on the 7th of July. Hell will break loose and people will lose their mind. Next 5 days will be a bit heavy while Mercury goes into the soul searching. He will return, successfully on the last day of the month, on the 31st of July. But his departure and return cause distress even before this. Shadow phase, before his entering the retrograde station, started around 20th of June and we can already feel the effect of this.

We can experience more stress, lack of communication, loss of personal possessions and rushing/being late around this time. Just because of Mercury, our mind and will, is not directed to outside, but we need to go where our mind did go. To the inside of our heads, deeper in our fears and thoughts.

Tips to survive the retrograde phase:

  • make a list of all people in your life that you have unfinished things to tell them or issues to resolve
  •  remind yourself of all your projects, ideas and goals you ignored in last period and should work on their fulfillment
  •  drink plenty of water, don’t forget to breath
  •  keep calm and double check everything
  •  and don’t, I repeat, DO NOT sign anything, avoid if possible, as it is not favorable to begin something in the retrograde phase
  • clean your home, declutter some space, delete spam emails in your inbox

I wish you the best in your personal path in the shadow of the valley of death.

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