Sky report: Mercury joins Moon in Cancer -Drink From The Well

Ⓜ️Mercury, a planet so connected to our mind and mentality enters the sign of Cancer, so connected to memories, past, and feelings.

💢Mercury is not alone as Moon joins him at 0° Cancer as it freshly got out of New moon phase in Gemini. We missed the mutual reception by degrees literally lol.
So Moon is at home, in his domicile of Cancer and conjoined with Mercury.

💦Water sign of Cancer is a cardinal and feminine sign. Cardinal signs are always connected to movement and change. We know cardinal signs as the most important in western astrology as they are the ones we mark as season starters.

#Libra♎ as the sign that marks the start of autumn, Aries to mark the start of the spring, Capricorn to mark the winter and finally Cancer to mark the start of the Summer.

Silence, Edmund Dulac.  Again, the divine feminine voice as symbolized by the harp is silenced.  Is she bereft or dead?

Silence, Edmund Dulac

Summer in Mercury? Well, connecting the water cardinal sign of Cancer into flexible mutable loving Mercury isn’t that bad. It does amplify our emotions and therefore our intuition. Cancer is the sign that is usually connected to “gut feeling” about something.

“I feel it in my guts. Something is happening but I can’t explain it. I can’t really put my finger to…”

Yes, similar to the New Moon phase from the last post – we may feel something is going on, something new is about to start but we’re also kind of clueless about what it is.

Cancer is water, and water is not particularly logically operating element.
It is more about sensing through emotions and feelings we soak around us.

Now you can see why Mercury, that usually operates through mutable earth of Virgo, or mutable air of Gemini might have a slightly confusing trip through Cancer.

Cancer is also connected to the past. We as humans are so interconnected with our past. We are even conditioned by it, psychologically comparing most of our present moments to the ones that happened in our past.

Therefore, we may sometimes even be blocked by it or supported by it through carrying out the valuable lessons that we gathered in the past, regardless of our negative/positive polarity perspective by it.

Past is okay if it doesn’t control us by making us feel bitter or seeking revenge. If the past makes us angry we are still conditioned and controlled by it. And it takes much power over it. This is not black or white…we don’t need to hate our past if we don’t love it. But we are only being asked not to invest so much of our precious energy by getting involved in numerous comparisons or thinking about what, how and where did we go wrong.


We can’t chase the time, it eats us alive remember =)


Sea Nymphs by Norman Lindsay (1879 – 1969)

Sea Nymphs by Norman Lindsay (1879 – 1969)


If you want to see what Mercury activates in your chart, search for your Cancer placements within your planets or angles.


Famous Arthur Rackham RAINBOW Mermaids. VINTAGE Fairy Tale | Etsy

Arthur Rackham Rainbow Mermaids.


What is appropriate to do during the Mercury in Cancer?

  • walks on the beach or lake, taking short trips
  • exploring, analyzing your family tree and genetics
  • call your mother or person that played a motherly role to you
  • come to terms with your past deeds, even those bad ones
  • work on your intuition through divination – astrology, tarot, I-Ching, numerology, etc. since intuition is particularly strong during times when Moon and Mercury are in the water signs.
  • take care of home; does anything need to be fixed or cleaned? Cancer is the sign of home and place where we feel emotionally safe. Did you move apartments? Did you return to your homeland?

Famous people born with Mercury in Cancer

First decan:

  • Donald Trump  – Mercury 8° Cancer square Neptune 5° Libra retrograde – I don’t think this needs any explanation. Neptune is able to fog the Mercury logic and in this case, his Mercury is concerned with homeland and feeling of “security” inside of what he considers homeland. No wonder he basically hates and forbids all the immigrants from entering the USA and is not scared to chase his ideal through Neptune.  But Neptune is also concerned with hiding the truth, lies, and deceit. It is also connected to the collective unconscious and sacrifice.
  • Princess Diana of Wales – Mercury retrograde on 3° Cancer conjunct Sun 9° Cancer, trine Neptune retrograde in Scorpio and sextile to Mars and Pluto in Virgo. Princess Diana lost her life during the car chase by paparazzi. Neptune is also concerned with propaganda and Mars and Pluto speaks on dangerous sexuality and energy that needs to be really controlled since it has great potential for releasing aggressive or violent energy.
  • Natalie Portman- Mercury 5°Cancer conjunct Venus 5° Cancer, square Ascendant on 11° Scorpio and square Saturn and Jupiter in Libra. The actress that left us speechless with many amazing roles, including the ones her role in the  Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the SithShe also holds both American and Israeli citizenship – really interesting to have both Mercury and Venus at the same degree and square the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Libra.

Second decan

  • Lana Del Rey- Mercury at 15° Cancer 18′, trine  Saturn 22° Scorpio, sextile Ascendant 13° Taurus, sextile Venus 14° Taurus and inconjunct Jupiter retrograde on 16° Aquarius. We know Lana Del Rey through her nostalgic emotional songs that bring us back to some other time. Her music is an emotional journey and her Mercury aspects really speak of those lyrics. Venus is in her domicile Taurus conjunct her Ascendant adding to physical beauty and artistic side of her music videos. She hit the mainstream wave with amazing nostalgic songs such as “Video games” & “Blue jeans” 
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – Mercury 18°Cancer conjunct Ascendant 19° Cancer, trine MC 24° Cancer, trine Jupiter 18° Scorpio 00′ and conjunct Venus 26° Cancer. A man we all knew as dangerous and funny actor, known for his roles in the science-fiction thriller film The Terminator. Later on, he served as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 to 2011. Here we can see how MC had a major role in his life, both through his movies and public service.
  • Carl Gustav Jung- Mercury 13° Cancer 46′ conjunct Venus17° Cancer, sextile Moon 15° Taurus, inconjunct Uranus 14° Leo. Connecting mind and feelings along with the unconventional approach in his work granted him apparently man cured patients and a huge legacy left for the future of the psychoanalysis,  dreams, and spirituality.
 Third decan
  • Nicole Kidman- Mercury 20° Cancer trine Neptune retrograde 22°Scorpio, sextile Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, square Mars in Libra. The amazing actress we’ve seen in interesting roles. Kidman has since starred in such films as The Others (2001), Cold Mountain (2003), Dogville (2003), Birth (2004), Australia (2008), The Paperboy (2012), Stoker (2013), Paddington (2014), The Beguiled (2017), Boy Erased, and Destroyer (both 2018). She has also received two additional nominations for an Academy Award for Rabbit Hole (2010), and Lion (2016).
  • Ariana Grande – Mercury at 27° Cancer in opposition Ascendant, Uranus, Neptune at 20° Capricorn. Trine Pluto and inconjunct Saturn. The talented actress didn’t have it easy. Most definitely.
  • Pamela Anderson- Mercury at 21° degrees retrograde, square Moon 27° Aries, square Mars 22° Libra, sextile Pluto 18° Virgo and Uranus 20° Virgo, trine Neptune 21° Scorpio 52′ and inconjunct MC 19° Aquarius 35


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