Venus-Uranus aspects in love and partnerships

Those who have Venus-Uranus aspects natally prefer elastic relationships where the most important thing is to keep your own individuality in partneships and for your partner to keep their own individuality.

Uranus hates rules and restrictions because it messes up Uranus revolutionary spirit and futuristic collective vision.

These aspects can be great if both people are determined to keep their individuality and freedom, to keep things spiced up and adventurous.

Venus wants to be close, to cherish and to mirror, but Uranus demands that 1+1=2, not that 1+1=1 and same people.

This is why this is one of the most “challenging” relationships aspect one can have.
Astrologers usually call this “divorce aspect”, since two energies really need similar natal aspects to deliver and handle.

Why? Well, as I said, keeping individuality inside partnerships is extremly important for Uranus. When that is not the case, Uranus will still pull the elastic string to test the limits of freedom.
Worst case for Uranus is boredom and restriction.

Since it has no patience (Saturn), Uranus-Venus may create many half-baked relationships that ended before it even developed.

If you have this aspect, you are not doomed. It doesn’t mean you will have to suffer within partneships at all.

But it does mean your relationship will be in some way unconventional, elastic, romantic but based on friendship, and very adventurous.

Venus is also representation of love, and Uranus is connected to astrology and occult, so one having this aspect may enjoy astrology and other occult sciences, science and science fiction and of course appreciates freedom of another person as much as they appreciate their own.

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