Krittika Nakshatra : First Quarter of this Nakshatra falls in 26°40′ to 30° in Aries. Sign owned by Mars and Nakshatra owned by Sun. Part of the Body: Head, eyes, brain, vision. Disease : Sharp Fever, Malaria, small pox , cerebral meningitis, wounds, fire accident. Mental Qualities : Normally robust health, good strength, great enthusiasm, go ahead temperament, militant temperament, commanding appearance, competitive mind, argumentative ability, etc. Will eat much. Profession : Acquisition of lands, buildings or possession of Patrimony, police, military, medical, surgical, navy ( Moon in this position or a planet in this star or moon Sub star or sub lord) , Defence Department, war material ( Saturn in this area makes one listless and rapid. He will never amount anything. But Mars in this area promises that that the person will not hesitate to fight at the drop of his hat, especially when Mars is in between 28° 26′ 40″ and 29° 6′ 40″, i.e. Mars Sign Sun star Mars Sub star or sub ). Brahmins, and particularly those performing Agnihotro, reciters of Sacred hymns. If one runs Sun dasa Mars bhukti or Mars dasa Sun bhukti what results these two planets indicate to that person, will be enjoyed when either of them transit in Krittika 1st quarter. Sun transits in this area between 10 th May and 13th May Every year.


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