Nora Huszka and her enchanting Gypsy Palace Tarot deck

If you’re looking for a vibrant colorful deck that still follows the traditional tarot form  – look no more.

Hungarian artist and witchcrafter Nora Huszka is the creative soul that channeled some pretty amazing artistry on her Gypsy Palace Tarot deck.  Her vision magically manifested through her hard work and her indie go-go campaign that caught the hearts of many and raised the funds needed to make this deck come into its physical form. A true magician I would say. 😉

Image result for nora huszka

Nora Huszka, the artist behind the Gypsy Palace Tarot deck (www.kelly-annmaddox.com)

I’m always happy to see others successfully manifest their vision, so I am just here to support this whole idea (even though I’m very late) and show you guys too that these particular cards are something that you really want to have in your deck collection, but much better, these are the cards that you can work with. I would personally definitely use it in Work as well and in meditation.



This deck is really expressive, so if you are one of the people that prefer minimalistic colors and shapes, then this deck is not for you. But, if you are the colorful soul, you should definitely try to work with this deck. Awarded as the best self-published tarot deck in 2013. it really successfully captures the magic behind both traditional symbols and explosions of vibrant emotion.

You will find this in classic 78 card pack with all the cards of both Major and Lesser Arcana present.

I’m saying no more &  just leaving you with some extraordinary images of the deck that I scooped around from Pinterest.

And for the end, before you dive into pictures, visit links below and support the artist ❤ 

❤ Buy deck on Etsy





Images from the Gypsy Palace Tarot deck



The Hermit -- Gypsy Palace Tarot

The Hermit (The Gypsy Palace tarot)

Nora Huszka: The GYPSY PALACE Tarot

Death (The Gypsy Palace Tarot Deck)

Free Daily Tarotscope -- Jul 17, 2015 -- Eight of Swords -- You may be thinking about you’ve gotten yourself tangled up in today and how much of it is of your own doing. (more)....

8 of Swords (The Gypsy Palace tarot)

Gypsy Palace Tarot - The Lovers

The Lovers (The Gypsy Palace tarot)


The Sun (The Gypsy Palace Tarot)

The Magician — much like the Fool — already has everything he needs. But unlike the Fool, he’s completely and consciously aware of it.  ... (more)...

The Magician (The Gypsy Palace Tarot)


Gypsy Palace Tarot --  The Fool

The Fool (The Gypsy Palace Tarot Deck)

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