Is 8th House Evil?

It’s said that 8th house indicates receipt of Gifts, legacy, the money of the deceased of a dead person, unearned income, insurance, bonus, provident fund, arrears of Pay, entangled money, etc.

Also, it’s said that repayment of the loan is indicated by 8th house.

If the period of the planet occupied and owned house will any anyone receive money or will a person issue cheque towards the loan amount he borrowed from someone?

Natal Chiron in the 8th house

8th house is the second to the 7th & 7th house indicates those from whom who transact. Either he who pays you or him who receives from you, both are indicated by the 7th house.

The 8th house shows the money of the person whom u transact.

If the signification of the 8th house is also the significator of the 12th house, then you issue the cheque and the other person gets it.

If the significator of the 8th house is also the significator of the houses 6 & 11, then he gives (6th) and you gain (11th).

Therefore, the significator of 8 & 12 show repayment of loan or lending loan whereas the significator of 6,8,11 indicates a gain of money.

Scorpio rules the 8th house of death and money of the partner, insurance policies and deeds.



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