Essential synastry ingredients

As an astrologer, questions you will receive the most will be love related. Or in other cases – career. Rarely you will get anyone asking anything about their health unless they’re going through a procedure in the current period.

But love questions, whew. One could almost say astrology is ruled by Venus or 5th house romantic influence. Many of us wonder if we’ve found that perfect match, soul mate, twin flame or whatever you call it in 2019.

So I decided to investigate famous couples, somewhat similar to what I did in synastry articles on Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman or that other time I did some gloomy inspection on Sid Vicious & Nancy Spungen.

Saturn and Uranus as important love ingredient

Of course, synastry is another complex astrological study where we can look at how energies of two or more charts work together in the both emotional or physical sense. Relationships between Venus & Mars are very important, but they don’t offer any stability or longevity of a relationship, and you would be surprised that the ingredient offering relationship longevity and foundation is actually Saturn – one of the most hated planets in the astrological world.

Why? Simply because Saturn calls us for responsibility and obligation, something that isn’t dear to everyone but it seems to be very important in long term relationship. Saturn is also what we call – maturity. You will often notice Saturn playing an important role in so called traditional relationships.

Vintage couple #vintage #illustration #lovers #romance

Of course, this is not suggesting that Saturn doesn’t also use other, perhaps negative means to control, restrict or use a strict behavior to keep the foundation. And this, of course, means that some people will prefer their relationships more elastic; or should we call them Uranian.

Vintage photographs of gay and lesbian couples and their stories.

Uranus, the planet of rebellion and surprises may fit in the story of couples who are naturally prone to adventure, are interested in keeping their individuality more than anything and are willing to give their partner fair amount of space for individual growth.

I feel it is important to say that with no judgment – no path is wrong, and if you prefer one or the other you should be judged for it. Saturn is simply more traditional and prefers it, while Uranus is more unconventional and prefers it.

Many astrologers describe Venus-Uranus aspects as aspects of divorce and that usually happens when one of the people involved in the relationship is not willing to move at the same pace as Uranus person. Or if none of the people have their natal Uranus aspects activated. Then yes, I imagine one would have a hard time managing and keeping the Saturnian relationship/family foundation in Uranus environment generated simply by being in contact with Uranus person.

But there is so much more…there are midpoints. A middle path where two planets meet in search for harmony, and well…another person midpoint may activate our either harmonic natal aspect, or activate problem and wound we dealt before, in the past.

So synastry is really complicated and there is no way of telling if Leo and Leo relationship could work, if Libra and Sagittarius relationship will work better than Libra and Gemini, or if Libra goes better with a Virgo. It also depends on how much Leo does Leo have, and how much libra does libra have.

Hiroki Nishiyama draws on traditional graphic design techniques in his illustration practice

Hiroki Nishiyama draws on traditional graphic design techniques in his illustration practice

Sun and Moon aspects as the key to the soul

Sun and Moon aspects are the most (and I can’t stress enough) important aspects in every relationship, but especially long term relationships or marriage. As we are really dealing with two lights and two key ingredients to our personality. Sun as our conscious persona and our heroic mission, our ego and our vitality and Moon, as our unconscious persona – Anima, the soul and the container of our innermost emotions, past, and memories.

So in relationships that seem to work, you will often find one person’s Sun conjunct other persons Moon, or squaring it or trining it. Depending on the energy of the individual charts.

And many more things. So this article is simply an intro to the future synasty posts that I will be publishing. Now, just for fun, we will take a look at the famous couples based on their Sun signs ONLY – but for that you should follow our Instagram feed :

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