Sky report: Full Moon In Libra|Mercury Enters Aries

While the Luna, our closest satellite Moon is charging up to its full phase completing it on April 19 13:40 (CET), Mercury stepped into the sign of Aries, successfully passing through all the fog and confusion while it was in retrograde in Pisces and made some pretty sketchy conjunctions to planet of ideal and sacrifice – Neptune.

But it looks like story isn’t over just yet. Mercury is still conjunct Chiron in Aries and it’s really no wonder that the whole world is weeping for Notre Dame fire . Aries, the fiery sign is symbolized by things unrolling very quickly and careless.

Carl Jung | Wholeness | Self Acceptance

And while our inner nature and reactions probably tell us to stay calm and do things in Libra way – diplomatic, calm, friendly and fair , our mind, currently represented by Mercury & Aries wants to start the fire, or simply solve the conflict that has been bubbling under the surface for so long.

And Aries is direct sign, almost careless. And as it is the Mars sign it has no problem entering the arena to solve the issue. Aries doesn’t care if he loses, it’s important that Aries shows there is no messing around with him. Have you ever tried to boss around Aries? It’s really hard.

Aries simply has it’s own set of rules they live and go with and there is simply no stopping them. On the other hand you can’t stop Libra either, but rather than fight or say things, Libra will try to charm everyone around her to make others love her. Unlike Aries, he will…intimidate people into loving it.

d r e a m g o a l s .

Aries and Libra – opposites do attract

All the while Libra wishes for love and peace and passivity, Aries seeks action and direct approach. This at first may seem like a problem for peace-loving Libra that literally cringes on the thought of being in the middle of the conflict (although Libra has no problem grabbing the popcorn and watching the others fight, from a safe distance.

Oddly enough, Aries literally starts the fire to stir things up. And that doesn’t mean that Aries doesn’t like peace or love…it is simply the Mars ruled sign that enjoys changes and starting new project. Usually alone with no help from others.

Libra, on the other hand enjoys cooperating with others and learns by mirroring or imitating others, trying to get their score up.

Both signs are highly compatible and opposite so don’t be surprised to feel that competitive energy inside you and around you. Moon represents our emotions and inner reactions while Mercury represents our mind, our capacity to think and analyze things, and even speak.

So what can we expect from Moon in Libra? We can expect our emotions and inner reactions wanting to keep the peace and keep things fair, fun and easy. We may care deeply about relationships we’ve formed with others and trying to feel the solution.

It’s not easy, especially because now our mind has a slightly different plan. Mind wants to finally confront and put it out there. How ever painful it is. But one should be careful with Mercury in Aries. Sometimes words hurt as knives and scars stay forever.

By combining both Libra and Aries energy we may just find a solution on how to solve this conflict energy.

Yes, confront but not aggressively. Confront but cooperate. Combine both sexuality and sensuality. Stay both #Mars & #Venus, how ever hard it may sound.



Possible headaches. We may become more prone to headaches or head injuries. Warning to pay more attention to traffic. Watch for the red lights. Drive SLOWER. Work on your muscles and body.

Start something new of course.

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