Sun in Stellar Astrology PT. 3

  • First of all I beg apology to my viewers for the delaying of  my writing on Sun in Stellar Astrology. I have written up to 6th house.  Sun rules the Star Krittika , in Aries, Uttarphalguni in Leo and Uttarashada in Sagittarius . Sun is a Planet in Astrology, a very powerful planet rather its power house which gives life to Earth we know.  If any planet posited in the above 3 Nakshatras of Sun will give the result of Sun with its occupancy and owner first.  For example, if venus is in 6th house and it is in any of the above Sun’s Nakshatra venus will give the result of Sun where sun is posited and sun’s own house .T hen venus’ ownership and occupancy will come into the picture.                               Earlier I have written upto 6th house.                                                             Now, I will tell the results of planets in  krittka, Uttarphalguni, and Uttarashada governed by Sun, Change according to Sun’s occupancy or ownership.
  • 7th House : Success after marriage, magnanimous, determined, permanent attachment, popular, Litigation  averted by arbitration, gains through partner in business. venereal disease,                                                                                                         
  • 8th House  :  Better luck after marriage, gains by partnership, End by Self-sacrifice or any heroic action   , contributes long life, few children, if afflicted weak constitution, defective vision, economical, violent, in female chart husband passes away first.
  • 9th House   : Religious, Connection with colleges or legal department, gains through long travels, desire to carry out research, success in overseas, constant in religious beliefs, self reliance, increase in popularity.                                                         
  • 10th House    : Increase in income, improvement in status, honor and authority, Independent, decent Inheritance, very steady improvement in business, profession, promotion.                                                                                                                                       
  • 11th House :  Ambitious, loyal, loyal, connection with people in power, hopeful, permanent friends, fulfills one’s desire, social success.                                                       
  • 12th House :   Success in medicine, chemistry, Association with hospital, prison, sanatorium etc. prefers to a secluded life, self sacrificing,   occult science, if afflicted dispute with parents, danger to children, (12th house is 8th to 5th house so danger for children.                             

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