Mercury goes direct but it’s not the end just yet


Yes, Mercury is not retrograde anymore. BUT it is still stationary (direct) and kissing Neptune on 16°Pisces (17°Pisces) on a #SabianSymbol degree: “An easter promenade”

Feeling wobbly? That’s how stationary (non moving) Mercury,planet of our mind and communication feels in Pisces.

Misunderstandings, tears, a decision to stop victimisation and victim theme was highly highlightened during this period.

It’s no joke. Sadly, Mercury retrograde periods are the only periods we can prove that astrology works. And if you don’t believe it, you can simply watch the news, or get in your car, drive around and see the pissed off traffic.

Also fatigue and feelings of being mentally tired. Thoughts are hard to collect and sort, and only trying to sort them out feels like swimming in the deep ocean – in slow motion (don’t steal that line 🙍‍♀️)

🌒Stationary planets act strange, just as void of course Moon (or Moon with no destination) act strange while it sails through the heavens. 🌒

🧜‍♂️ But hey, only in 2 days on 30th March, depending on your time zone, Mercury will go DIRECT ➡️, which still doesn’t mean that is completely over because…planets do have so called shadow 🗣 period which do last usually a week before and week after retrograde period is over.

Hopefully you can get enough sleep and empathy during this period. It’s okay to burst, everyone has their limits.

Just don’t hurt other people because you’re hurting.

Pisces is that common pain and chaos.


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