Mercury retrograde conjunct Neptune in Pisces

A tiny WARNING (OK not so tiny) 🔥

Our Mercury retrograde is tightly conjunct planet of illusion- Neptune.

Mercury meets its both fall and detriment in Pisces and finds it really hard to make any order in the chaos.

Relax, take it easy. Got any new plans? Wait 9 more days for stationary Mercury to go direct and everything will be much clearer.

Traditionally warnings for Mercury retrograde go something like:

🌂do not sign NEW papers, contracts, important things

🌂 pay more attention while driving,riding or walking. Mercury is connected to our transportation and movement.

🌂 if somebody says something negative you could misunderstand it. Better not to act on it just yet. Things will be much clearer in 9 days

🌂 write down ideas now rather than acting on them UNLESS those ideas have something to do with old vision, project or idea that was born in the past

🌂 return or revisit old towns you’ve been to in the past

🌂 since retrograde is in Pisces, take a bath, relax or soak your feet in the sea. And stay hydrated.

🧜‍♀️ Breathe, we got this. It’s almost over 🧜‍♂️

Have a lovely Sunday and great week ahead 🏵

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~Sofia 👽

#mercuryretrograde #mercury #pisces #astrology #hermitfool (at Pisces)


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