Saturn is a mystic planet in astrology. Its the coldest planet and very far from Earth.  It takes 29 years to revolve around the Sun. So its movement is very slow. It stays 2 & half years in each sign of Zodiac.  It is the lord of 3 nakshatras — Pushya in Cancer sign, Anuradha in Scorpio and Uttarbhadrapada in Pisces. If any planet in the above stars of Saturn it will give the result of the significator of the houses of Saturn first. The event will be delayed of any matter which will be related to the significator of the houses of saturn. If saturn is the significator of marriage , marriage will be delayed for sure. if saturn alone signifies the 6th house alone, marriage will be denied. because it is 12th from 7th.  Saturn denotes karma , that is why Saturn is the lord of  Zodiac 10th house ( Capricorn) A perfect and devoted karma gives a native success, and success comes from Zodiac 11th house (Aquarius). Saturn needs hardcore and selfless effort and then it gives success , not only success but huge success. Saturn wont deny any matter. Its the planet of True Judgement, right path, honesty.  So we should not be scare of Saturn. And we also should not scare and believe in so called “ Saturn Sade Sati”  This type of trash has got no relation with true Vedic and Nakshatra based Astrology.  So we must do our jobs or tasks ( karma ) truly and honestly to get the good results of Saturn.


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I m a Stellar Astrologer. I practice South Indian Krishnamurti System of Stellar (Nakshatra ) based Astrology.

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