Just another Moon day post

🌒 Happy 🌒 Moon 🌒 day

May your week be easy and prosperous 🙏

Want to call Moon energy?

✅Colors of the day are white, silver, beinge and light blue. 🔱

📞Call your family today, or anyone you’d consider your tribe 📞

▫️Moon is currently on 13° Taurus 44’ (14° Taurus) under a #SabianSymbol: “SHELLFISH GROPING AND CHILDREN PLAYING.”

Moon is also conjunct Mars and in trine with Saturn and Pluto.

Embrace the change, stay patient and trust that story will unfold in the right direction. But also, don’t forget to stop and play for a moment, letting your inner child unleash creative spirit. 👶👧👦

☝️Moon is also squaring Venus in Aquarius so need for patience is highlighted more as our desires and wishes are currently opposed to our current needs and emotions.

📖This weeks homework? To balance your desires and values with what you actually need. ⚖

What is the priority in this moment?

What do you desire? Do you think you can achieve it in this moment or is project meant for future?


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