Fixed stars: ✴ A L G O L ✴

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✴ A L G O L ✴

Currently: 26° Taurus | b. 25° Taurus

#Algol is one of the most notorious stars in the heavens. It is placed in the #Taurus constellation and it’s symbols include Horus eye, eye in the pyramid and head of the Medusa.

Algol is known to make one fearless, protects one from curses and at the same time, it enchants everyone who uses it.

It has the nature of Jupiter and Saturn. ✴

With Algol, one needs a high consciousness to carry it out in a safe way. On the lower levels of consciousness this particular star is very dangerous and since it’s connected with head one should really use their mind before they lose it. ☺🌟
(at Ålgöl)

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