Can one planet give result alone? 

A planet alone does not give the result of a house. The planet is the source.

The result is given by its Star-Lord and final judgment is given by Sublord of that planet. Our Zodiac has not only 9 planets (Grahas). But also 27 Nakshatras.

The moon passes through each nakshatra in a day. And the cycle is completed in 27 days. These 27 Nakshatras must be judged in a chart at the time of prediction. Otherwise, prediction won’t be correct.  A sign has 2&1/2 Nakshatras.  For Example. Aries has 2&1/2 Nakshatras.-Like Aswini, Bharani, and Krittika (1st part) the next part of Krittika falls into Taurus.  Again these 27 Nakshatras are subdivided into 9 parts in each sign and become 249 Subs or Sub lords. This Sub lords r final judge of Every Event in life.

If any planet supposes Sun placed in Aries in 3° 20`.

It means Sun is in Mars Sign Ketu Star and Sun sub. Sun will first give the Result of Ketu and the position and occupied houses of Ketu. The Sun will give its own occupied and owner houses. At last the result of house lord is to be judged. And obviously, the final decision maker is the sub lord of sun. In this way of analysis.

The prediction will be pinpointed.

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