Moon at 0° Sagittarius

Moon is currently on a very symbolic 0° degree of #Sagittarius ♐

⚜Feelings of optimism and hope are right there, starting. Our reactions are not that shitty anymore, because guess what? Shit got 10x.

As unstable, the Moon is, it can laugh it’s way out the bank, into the store…and spend 💰 all that’s in the bag. Or overeat, or try some new and aggressive diets.

This transit would be best used in travel 🚄✈🛫 and starting something brand new, perhaps some project that would catch the public eye 👀 with popularity – and I mean worldwide 🌐🗺 popularity.

Sagittarius is all about positivism and higher meanings. If you’re not traveling don’t worry! Use this creative short transit to experience happiness and laugh or organize a cookout with your friends and choose some foreign cosine theme. 🥘🍲

Have a lovely Moon day 🌕

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(at Sagittarius)

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