Fixed stars: ✴ ALCYONE ✴

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Currently: 0°Gemini 00’ | b. 29° Taurus 03’

🌙One of the essential stars in the #Pleiades constellation and it’s situated in bulls head.

🌙Symbolically 7 stars in the bulls head represent 7 sisters and Alcyone is one of them.

🌙Alcyone is mostly connected to our inner vision and has nature of Moon and Mars 🌙♂️

Those carrying Alcyone in important places in their chart carry big amount of thirst for their knowledge but also go through periods of regeneration and cleansing, mostly through tears.💎🚿🛁💧

Even tears can be purifying, and Alcyone proves just that 🌌 It also sends us a lesson not to be judgmental.

Want to know if you have #Alcyone in important place in your chart? Search for any planets starting at 0° Gemini or 29° Taurus in your chart 🌐 or if you have trouble with that, contact us 📧📩 and we’ll check 📲✔ that for you.

Or support our work by ordering your very own, personal fixed stars analysis ✅

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