What is your element?

Elements are one of the oldest ways of determining the nature and quality of planet and they have the principle of the number four: Fire, Air, Earth and Water, four elements of basics was also used to determine about temperaments.

Fire is CHOLERIC -intuition, highest principle

Air is SANGUINIC  – mental , principle of connecting

Water is PHLEGMATIC   – emotions, principle of depth

Earth is MELANCHOLIC – the roughest principle, formula of the world we’re in

Povezana slika
Slikovni rezultat za four temperaments
Slikovni rezultat za four temperaments
Slikovni rezultat za four temperaments
Povezana slika

Fire creates through intuition, Water creates through emotions, Air creates through mind, Earth sensible, concrete reality, tactile, feeling

COMPLIMENTARY ELEMENTS:  Fire & Air, Earth & Water

Slikovni rezultat za four elements drawing

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°° Solar and Lunar Leo with Virgin Rising. Uranus dominant with many Plutonic mind tendencies. Simply not your average Lioness. °° Lux e tenebris. Astrologer, psychonaut & human psyche explorer. I'm interested in researching all aspects of life and death, microcosmos & macrocosmos. Using sky as endless inspiration. I am obsessed with pattern finding and research, especially of dramatic and heavy aspects, family ties and karma but also accidents and preventions. °Author & initiator of Hermit Fool project, where through group work we offer services of astrology, tarot and crystal education and consulting. For booking consultation please contact facebook page Hermit Fool or simply send me private e-mail on : kristina.miosek@gmail.com

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