This is the most disliked house in astrology

Astrological sixth house, a place connected to Virgo themes such as work, workplace, routines, rituals, schedules, training but also Virgo themes such as physical body, body-exercise, a way we look and treat out bodies supported by either our good or bad habits or genetic predispositions.

A Pair & A Spare | Question: Are you in need of a health and fitness reboot? (Because I am!)

Looking at planets transiting your sixth house could mean alarming message for your health or immune system, or it could mean you’re literally drowning in work, especially by servicing somebody – or simply it could mean both.

Similar to 3rd house- Gemini (Mercury), this side of Mercury house is more practical and repetitive. In this house we repeat things such as intake food (+Venus + Moon) or water, because these things become routine for us. Our meals and the way we prepare our food is also routine but also followed by enjoyment (Venus) to some. Sixth house is also our hygiene; something we keep everyday. Virgo themes in sixth house go from diet habits to drinking habits, from too much hygiene to too little.

It’s no wonder that many “sixth house” people work at hospitals or as nurses (6th-12th house axis) and we can also find very active sixth house in people who are either very conscious about their health or simply (depending on other aspects and 12th house) suffer from ill health or weakened immune system. Either way, body health and bodily functions, along with our self-care rituals will be very important here.

Army Nurses Lighting Up their Cigarettes in 1947 Prints at

Army Nurses Lighting Up their Cigarettes in 1947 (

House of pets & ill fortune?

Sixth house traditionally, carried a somewhat negative reputation. It was known as weak house, sometimes “evil house”. This was because this used to be house of servants, who worked so hard for their masters and usually suffered from weak immune system.

"Compensation" (1916), by Harrison Fisher. WW I Red Cross nurse & soldier. During WW I, more than 18,000 Red Cross nurses served with the Army & Navy Nurse Corps. Some of these nurses worked at American base hospitals, at field units, & aboard ships, whereas others served at home combating the 1918 influenza epidemic & providing medical services to military camps, munitions plants, & shipyards.

Compensation” (1916), by Harrison Fisher. WW I Red Cross nurse & soldier.

But to finally leave the aspect of health and body at peace, we should mention the symbolism of pets and that includes all small animals such as cats and dogs, mostly what we consider pets, but it is also connected to all small animals, including wolves or monkeys.

People and Animals – Vintage Photos Capture Lovely Moments of Animals with People ~ vintage everyday

So, there, we see that not all is negative in this house but there is not one sole meaning we could point a finger too. But if you think about it, having pets also means blending them into routine by feeding them, giving them water and taking them out.

In conclusion

So when we look at this house symbolism by health and body, then it’s really no wonder many astrologers look at this house with caution. Many of them also say that any planet that is in the sixth house gets weakened from the effects of this house. Traditionally, certain houses are chosen as “planetary joys”. In the case of malefics and malefic houses, we have lesser malefic Mars finding it’s joy in the 6th house of work and routine.

On the other hand, we have planet Saturn, traditionally known as the greater malefic, finding it’s joy in the 12th house. Isn’t this interesting? We have two malefics finding their “joy” in the houses ruled by Virgo and Pisces, by order and the chaos.

So what is there to say about sixth house? It’s what we repeat daily. Like wake up, sip on coffee or tea, make breakfast and go to work, or do whatever we are used to doing on daily basis. So of course not everyone likes it. This house is also pretty open and predictable, as one action (or many actions) are repeated daily.

Be kind to Animals Vintage Print Morgan by VintagePrintscafe

Have a happy Wednsday, day of our lord Mercury. Day where emphasis is on our mind, words and analysis. Also movement.

*blows kisses in dark*


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