Goddess Selene, full of the Moon

Selene or better known as Luna is the goddess of femininity, fertility, and protection.

Astrologically she is connected to the full Moon phase and interestingly it is one of the most well-known phases people mention when they observe the sky. 🌕

Full Moon offers clearness and the harvest of all the fruits we grew in the past 4 phases. Usually this phase has the most potential for enlightenment but also dangers to slip out of our way, mostly because we connected with wrong people, or our actions weren’t conscious at all. We are in the Moon zone after all, regardless of being full and bright, Moon represents what’s unconscious to us.

All in all, those born in the full Moon phase have a clear vision of what they want and how they want to achieve it. But they also feel the need to connect and express.

During the Full Moon phase, it’s good to check what is finished and what’s ready to go for display. Conscious emotions. Choosing the direction of the present situation as we see clearly.

Don’t know what Moon phase you were born in 💁‍♀️ Don’t know what’s current Moon phase? We can definitely help you out ⚡🙋‍♀️

One wizard will definitely reply 🧙‍♀️🧙‍♂️

#selene #luna #moon #fullmoon #hermitfool (na lokaciji Selene)

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