Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) according to Manly P.Hall

Cardinal signs, according to M.P.Hall :

“It is difficult to find a single keyword for the cardinal sign types. The term aggressive might seem appropriate, but examination and experience disclose too many exceptions. Perhaps the term persistent would be better, but it lacks fullness.

It is safe however to declare that most cardinal sign persons are self-centered, personality and purpose often hopelessly confused. It has not bee my experience that cardinal sign types are as ambitious as fixed sign types, but contrary to the popular conception they are gifted with much persistence. Persistency is not always a synonym for consistency. Cardinal sign persons may change methods but they cling tenaciously to and struggle valiantly toward such goals as they set for themselves.

In attempting to analyze cardinal sign persons the word gratification seems to stand out. Most of these folk seem to be struggling desperately to satisfy themselves. Their own desires loom large on their mental horizons with the frequent results that they become indifferent to the rights and needs of others.

They are not ruthless, but rather self-centered to the degree that they may be oblivious to the fundamental responsibilities and relationships of social existence.

Textbooks of astrology usually tell us that all cardinal sign people are born with the executive instinct, that leadership is not easy but necessary to them and that in menial positions are among the most dissatisfied of mortals.

We may as well say of all men that it is the natural desire of every normal human creature to excel….”

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Quote from the book:

📖💡 Manly Palmer Hall: Psychoanalyzing The Twelve Zodiac Types


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