Sky report: Sun conjunct Mercury in Aquarius


Hello everyone 🙋‍♀️

#Mercury and #Sun are conjunct at 10° Aquarius under #SabianSymbol degree: “A MAN TETE-A-TETE WITH HIS INSPIRATION”.

Non-personal and unpredictable, yet inventive and humanistic sign of #Aquarius♒️ is known as Mercuries exaltation sign in some schools of Astrology, but Sun is not standing very well in Aquarius, sign of it’s determination.

Right now it is not the best time for our selfish motives and egoism, since Aquarius is all just not that…

Our passions can occupy us so much that we forget there are other people too, perhaps our friends or peers circle could really use our support. Even if the support at this time only means nice word or deed. When we give, we receive so much more. And feeling is priceless.

Compliment your friends and see how their face turns into smile. Just keep it honest 😉💏

This is how you will use energy of this superior conjunction.

Time is good to explore subject of freedom and what individuality means to us. Also foreign cultures, even foreign cosine to try out while Jupiter and Venus are still in Sagittarius.

As Sun and Mercury form an exact sextile to Moon in Sagittarius also conjoined to Venus and Jupiter.

Venus is at 26° Sagittarius and preparing to depart into her fall, Scorpio again in 2019. Like we didn’t have enough of Scorpio Venus at the end of 2018. 😂 and she will go retrograde and take us back to past once again.

Cheerful and optimistic feelings (Venus,Jupiter,Moon) are squaring foggy Neptune in Pisces who at it’s best can create propaganda in media, help artists create film or music videos, music in general, paintings, dance and any art or creativity used at this point will be heightened by this Neptune influence, even if it’s square as Neptune at it’s highest note serves as collective inspiration and muse.

After all, planet Venus is traditionally exalted in the sign of Pisces, who is ruled by Neptune.

Or at it’s lowest, Neptune will send those spiritual leeches in the mask of purity, hiding charlatans, creating cults and creating web of lies and cheating. All under the cover of innocence and truth.

Choose wisely, Neptune and Jupiter are still in a tight square. 👩‍🏫👩‍⚖👩‍💻

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(na lokaciji Zagreb, Croatia)


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