PODCAST: Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo with Hybrid Astrology

Take a listen to our newest podcast. This time Sofia from Hermit Fool collaborated with Alex Valea from Hybrid Astrology/Mercury Space to talk about upcoming total lunar eclipse happening on January 21st, 2019 with Moon being on a very symbolic and important 0° Leo. 

As always, this is the second eclipse of the season, with the first one starting on January 6th of 2019.

This is also a very special eclipse since we have Mars, Saturn and Jupiter all residing in their own signs,of course. 

Any planets at the end of Cancer, Capricorn and at the beginning of Leo or Aquarius will definitely feel this eclipse more intensely but also check other planets and aspects, by paying huge attention to your natal Saturn or Jupiter and their strength.

Here is the video of our chat that you can watch on youtube. If you like it, make sure you like, subscribe and comment because it really means a world to us.

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