Tarot ft. Astro Monthly Forecast + spread info

Play it safe and play it cool.

This is the main premise for this period. Lot’s of things are going to do some pressure on your well being. It is a great time to stay a bit under the radar and do your things accordingly, or righteous if you want.

It is a great time to develop your skills that you already have, and they should become more solid. Do your thing, even though things around you may seem a bit odd, and not what you have expected.

Remain in your cool zone, do not try to fight too much, avoid arguments, because they will only exhaust you, there is no “big win” in them. Even though your nerves could get a bit edgy, keep it down a notch.

In family affairs you may experience the feeling that you are not that important, everybody is doing their thing, you are not in the center of things, nobody is asking about you, only the “protocol” things. You may experience that, especially, if your Sun or Moon is in water signs. Try not to take it too seriously, your turn will come, embrace the fact that everybody have their own life to live, and if they are not too keen in participating in your right now, it is only because they trust you you can manage on yourself. Also, you could think too much about past situations where someone in your domestic environment was unfair to you. As the reversed Six of Cups are implying, feeling of nostalgia, looking into childhood, it may be indicating that you are clinging to old hurts and resentments, and this is keeping you in a stagnant, rigid place.




Love situations, especially for fire signs could be really good if you lower your guard a bit.  By the end of the month you can experience some interesting trip or few really romantic days. Relax and enjoy. The Queen of Wands is telling us to be more optimistic, and have fun, be creative and think outside of the box. If you are experiencing some  dullness in your love life, do not blame the partner, instead you be the one who will make the things more fun and adventures, this goes especially to the Air moon signs.

For single ones, there could be interesting hook ups, but for that you have to go out more. Go to that birthday party  by the end of the month and celebrate with your Aquarian friend, prepare for a interesting new friendships, this goes out to you Taurus, and other Earth signs also, but especially for you Taurus 😉

If you are a single Pisces, waiting for that romance for Valentine’s Day, I got some interesting card for you. Two of Wands that indicates some unexpressed creativity and cooperation, which can give fertility in pretty much every field. It is a good time to get some artistic course, you could benefit in many areas of your current life situations. Be bold, express yourself, make the decisions to rock your world 🙂

In work related affairs, Cancers, Virgos, Scorpios and Libras are having some pretty cool stuff ahead. If you have Ascended, Moon, stellium or Sun in this signs you may experience some new and interesting challenges in front of you. some of you may have been working on projects, and some of you will get calls to participate in them. But as I have said on the beginning of this forecast. Play it safe and don’t use excuses!

download (1).jpg

Think about this new offers carefully, and do what you think it’s best. For some of you some offers could seem a bit too large and too big, this is not the time to feel less confident. With the start of the Spring, you could be pretty deep in this new things. Be cool, you can do it! Seven of Pentacles here is saying to you- solid development,  success will be inevitable. It symbolizes the ‘fruits of one’s labours. Also here is the Seven of Cups, which suggests that several opportunities will present themselves

For the rest of you, do your job, it is a good time to be helpful and a bit less snappy. Things are rolling.

In the health sphere, Capricorns, Aires, Gemenies, Leos- get some rest!

For you there is a significant card pulled- Four of Cups, it signifies that you do not have enough gratitude and you are placing little value on the work of others, especially of you work in a big firms.  Also, this situation could be in your relationship, or family. This is only making things worse. For you. For your health.  You could feel this pettines devour your thoughts. Take a walk, live and let live, hug a tree for God’s sake, do some grounding. You may experience some skin outburst, make sure you drink enough water.


It is a good time to work on your nerves. To be more kind and calm. You have a lot of people looking up to you right now, be kind to them, it would be beneficial for every party. For your urinary and skin disorders, use Burdock.

For the rest of you, take care of your vitamin and minerals input, watch for your bones and teeth, it is a great time to do the annual check up at your clinic 🙂

So yeah, for this Tarot ft. Astrology Forecast I have used not so conventional spread.

It is a “Blindfold Spread”.

On little pieces of rocks, wood, or paper, you write every astrological sign. With your blindfold you scatter them on your working desk, you make sure that you have enough space between your rocks (papers, woods), fold them in a rows of four. Then use your Tarot deck, and ask the question, then, put one to three/four cards in random row(s). For each question do the whole thing again, scramble your little pieces with signs and pull the cards.



This spread is good for astro combinations, you can also use it with relations questions.  Write on your little pieces the names of the people to see the relations.


Have fun!


Ija Nazor


If you have any questions, wish for a Tarot reading, please contact me on my e-mail-


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