Sun conjunct Pluto: Push it to the limit

We all knew what’s Capricorn season would be like and nobody believed 😛

Currently in the sky, dark lord Pluto conjunct Sun and Mercury in Capricorn preparing us for second eclipse this season. This time we’re going through total lunar eclipse happening on 0° Leo on January 21st, 2019.

But we’re here to talk about Sun-Pluto conjunction and what it feels like if you haven’t felt it already. Pluto keyword is intensity, and Sun keyword is consciousness so it’s appropriate time to make all the intense feelings conscious.

When Sun conjoins with Pluto, our understanding of life is filled with a strong need for depth of experience and complete rebirth. We’re consciously seeking intense experiences regardless of how positive or negative they might be.

A fine place for a nervous breakdown. Sci-Fi Astronaut Space Travel Planet Cosmic Pop Art Retro Comic Illustration

Stephan Arroyo says Sun-Pluto shows our inner “me” directing strength of Will towards change and reconstruction- of our inner or outer world.

And it is the truth, people with close aspects between Pluto and Sun have far bigger dose of penetration and clairvoyance, personal serious attitude and consciousness about darker or uglier side of life depending on other aspects in their chart, of course.

Pluto is intense. In esoteric astrology, he is even looked like the higher vibration of Mars, planet of war. So intensity and extremeness are always present. But with no doubt, they have strong will and determination and may even surprise many because things they do are not even so obvious to see for everybody.

Hiding until you find me

Pluto is not really famous for being open and straight-forward, especially regarding personality, when connected to Sun. Repressing feelings and thoughts can therefore be a big problem to people having this aspect in their natal chart, and we can all experience portion of this during this transit in Capricorn for example.

On the positive side, more than ever we feel karmic path and we’re aware of the life force living within us.

Conjunction is not a positive nor negative aspect, yet it can be both. Pluto is known for being deep down in the unconscious so things that are unconscious are now conjoined with the bright light of the Sun, threatening that in any moment…could pull out things from the unconscious that are enemy forces for our identity and ego. But Pluto is not a merciful God, he keeps on pulling things out, calling out our shadows and our ego and making us aware.

Sun with Pluto is what many magical circles and religions call “The Dark night of the soul” because what we’re conscious of is now falling apart which can leave us feeling very uncomfortable.

This aspect is known for building a wall of protection around us, considering many of the close people around us as our enemies. Pluto simply can’t be sure. He is the planet detective, always suspicious of who is a threat to our identity and ego, who is trying to break the wall and for what reason. Feeling uncertain and unsure, we are not aware that we’re actually acting very cold and rude towards others.

"I don't like boys! I don't like school! I hate the whole world!" Vintage Comics.

Wall is here for a reason. As I mentioned, Pluto is the planet detective. He likes to spy without being spied on. His intensity is what makes any aspect with any planet – very tense.

Stepping out of personal

However dark this sounds, Pluto is NOT our personal planet. Pluto is an outer planet, far far away, with long ass cycle. There is no way we could ever personalize with Pluto. His ultimate goal is the collective unconscious. It’s the demons that trouble us all, in every era of Pluto in the certain sign we may experience it in a similar way. Even the results Pluto brings will be of more us for a collective, rather than personal need.

Epic bits of Random-ness

But Sun is our ego, our personality and we may really identify with the dark lords, which can in one second make us tyrants, while in the next moment we’re quiet and closed with walls. It’s a constant battle of opening up and closing completely. Pluto seem to be bringing out the old patterns of traumatic experiences or at least what we perceived as intense or traumatic experience. Ego is sketchy, ego likes to identify. Especially with power that Pluto brings, and rarely Pluto has mercy.

He is usually much swifter with cutting things off than Saturn is. Saturn at least takes some time. More than ever, it’s dangerous to identify with our ego and power complex.

The issue Pluto can have is megalomaniac type. I tasted power now give me more.

With this conjunction we’re almost always near the edge and close to falling into the trap of our own projected unconscious that isn’t even ours to begin with. Similarly to Uranus , Pluto here doesn’t take outer conflicts seriously and it’s tired of all the bullshit he doesn’t like so he will not be afraid to speak about it.

Ποια “κακιά” της Disney είναι το Alter-Ego σας;

We are rejecting bullshit even from our close ones, and forbidding anybody mixing into our plans which really may seem ruthless to others. We’re opening everything and everyone, including ourselves and how ever pleasant or unpleasant it may be, by that simply activating transformation inside us and inside others. This is definitely not one of the easiest conjunctions in astrology world.

However brutal and intense Sun-Pluto may seem to others, thing is Sun-Pluto simply has no tolerance for fake love and overpowering the weaker ones. Perhaps Pluto was once weak too, and his shield is almost like a bullshit detector. I like this name for Pluto.

Sinbad: The legend of the Seven Seas

Some even mention places Pluto likes are dark underground caves, sewers and dark places. So there you go. Places nobody would love to go. That’s right. You never see people getting into the sewer because they like it. Either it was a clown with candy, either they lost their keys on Mercury retrograde day. Whatever. It’s interesting that most symbols Pluto is carrying now used to belong to the planet Saturn in the past.

Not even compromises work with this conjunction, these people simply have to accept their intense story and personality. Pluto is known for it’s all or nothing attitude but we can always train patience.

Mask photo ma40-41.gif

Which is again, trait of Saturn. There is really no easy way out. Problems won’t magically disappear and will continue bubble somewhere near surface until we pay attention to them once again. And well since Pluto is not a personal planets, others may feel uncomfortable because of us too.

By practicing patience, people carrying Sun-Pluto conjunction in their chart may become great detectives or strategist, yet if we let the unconscious swallow us whole, we might get into some serious problems.

Even with harmonic aspects, Sun-Pluto still has a strong wish to confront but thanks to harmonic aspects of trine or sextile, we rarely get into any serious confrontations with our peers or personal circle.

Stay calm, stay patient, eclipse is almost here. 🙂

Get your set of the drums, or be in silence. Your choice. All will work if you keep your self-control and use the intense drive into the creative outlet.


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