Sun in Jyotish PT.1 with Stellar Deb

Sun governs the star Krittika, Uttaarphalguni, Uttarasara nakshatra. What ever be the planets and whichever house they own or occupy, they will when situated in Sun’s Star, will predominantly offer results of the hose, portrayed by sun only.

Suppose one is born in Cancer Ascendant  and Sun is occupying Aries in the 10th house. A planet whatever it may be, will bestow the results indicated by sun i.e. 10th predominantly, than sun as lord of 2nd.

Suppose Venus occupies Krittika star (Sun’s star) ,then Venus gives the matter signifies by 10th house more predominantly than the matters indicated by 2nd house. Venus is the source to fulfill such matters, according to its own ownership,nature and occupation.

By Sun in 1st house or lord of 1 means if Sun occupies the Lagna (ASC) or if Sun happens to be Lord of Lagna (Asc), the result given under Sun in 1st or Lord of 1st house are offered by a planet in Sun’s stars to all Asc born when Sun is 1 and to the Leo born when Sun is Lord of 1 (Asc). Similarly a planet in Uttarphalguni star will offer the result in 5th house matters, whatever be the house it occupies, if Sun in 5th, to all Asc borns. Also the same results will be given by Sun is lord of 5th i.e. for Aries born.

Therefore, the results that are given below as Sun in 1 or lord of 1 means that these results  will be given by any planet, situated in any three Stars of Sun viz Krittika, Uttarphalguni, Uttarasara when its DASA (period) and BHUKTI(sub period) runs. If it is said merely 2nd or 3rd,or 4th it means a planet in the constellation (nakshatra) of Sun it will give the results of the 2nd house matters when sun occupies or owns the 2nd house.

By 3rd it means that a planet will give the matters of 3rd house if it occupies the constellation of Sun and when Sun either occupies or owns 3rd house. Similarly for all the planets one to read the results.

Any planet in Krittika, Uttarphalguni or Uttarasara stars will offer the results according the house occupied by Sun , as below:

1. Sun in 1 or lord of 1:

-Generous, determined, frank, dignity, independent, hopeful,good constitution, satisfactory, immunity, successful attempts, good relationship with officers, promotion, smooth life, defective vision, boastful.

2. Sun in 2 or lord of 2

-Inheritance, gain by one’s industry or through Government or holding responsible position, generous , social, fond of sports and pleasure. If afflicted then loss of money, immoral life, nasty talk extravagant and impulsive expenses.

3. Sun in 3 or lord of 3

Commands respect, bold, courageous, gains through relatives, good understanding with neighbors, reputation. if afflicted troubles, anxious, false reports. difficulties.

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Stellar Deb,

Jyotish and Stellar astrologer

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