Sky report: Venus goes direct

Finally, our Venus ♀ went on quite a journey. From her detriment in the dark halls of #Scorpio, and then retrograde motion in her domicile of #Libra.

Tomorrow her retrograde journey ends and in her direct motion forward, she will again visit the sign of her detriment, Scorpio.

Expect some easement and solving of financial worries. Especially money that was late. If you have any files or paperwork to work with or sign contracts, pay close attention to it and store it to a safe place.

As soon as Venus turns direct, her buddy #Mercury is getting ready to go #retrograde in his sign of detriment; #Sagittarius. Don’t go big money spending, the print could turn wrong at the end.

Definitely, do celebrate Venus going direct this Friday. You have survived quite a journey dear, and you’ve risen from bottom to top. Give yourself a break. Friday, Venus day.

Have a love wish? Have a financial wish? Visualize it and set up your own little altar on Friday. 🔮

Ideas for Venus altar:

🕯 one green or pink candle

💰 some coins, especially copper ones

⚘ one red or pink rose and rose petals

🍎 one red or pink apple

🍷 a glass of red wine (or more if you can contain yourself)

🍄🌰🍁🍂 autumn items from nature as a gift to Venus

🎭 masks, Venus favorite decoration

♀ symbol or sigil of Venus

🛡 mirror, another symbol of Venus

💎 Venus favorite stones such as #Jade, #RoseQuartz or any pink or green mineral, ask our @seshatearthborn about bits of advice about minerals and choose from a variety of his unique creations that vibes with you.

🎴 Tarot card? Empress most definitely. Make sure you ask @ijanazor about specific cards that suit you or ask her more about Empress card.

Schedule reading:

Have a good night and happy Venus going direct night/day.


-Sofia ( @hermitmeetsfool )
#hermitfool #astrology #venusdirect #l4l #realwitchesofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #wiccansofinstagram #witchy (at Zagreb, Croatia)


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