Sky report: Mercury in the #Sagittarius♐

Mercury is in the #Sagittarius, ♐ sign of the archer. Thinking, speaking and mental processes are now focused on freedom, philosophy and higher knowledge. Sagittarius is also a sign of foreign cultures and languages but also a sign of travel. Those with Sagittarius on key places such as Moon, third house, Mercury or Jupiter may use this time to travel while others may also engage in philosophical long talks while sipping on hot coffee or tea. 📖☕🍵

We just have to be careful to let others be as free as we want to be. Mercury is also the planet of brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends to give them a call ♡ 📞📲 especially to those in a great distance from you.

We may expect more news in public about religious groups or cults, or spiritual or philosophical groups. Or news about travel, transportation, and foreign cultures. But as Mercury is also in detriment, and about to go retrograde we may also witness much fake news where we will have a hard time to see trees from the woods. Pay attention to details! And keep an optimistic attitude 😆❣

-sofia ⛤

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