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Tarot Card Of The Week: Six Of Swords

#Tarot card of the week is #sixofswords.

This card appears when we’re in the process of separation from a stressful situation. Worries are now over and departure into the unknown future may now begin.

We don’t know what is going to happen but if we dealt with lessons from the past, we can now focus on our inner journey and it’s extremely important that we’re moving in the right direction.

Sometimes this card can also signify movement (literally moving places), new job, walking out of something full of hope that better is yet to come.

Even with humiliations from the past, it’s important to let go and focus your mental power on interesting projects. Especially those concerning mental agility.

This week, we need a scientific approach and less emotional or irrational decision making. We are on to finding some original solutions.

Currently, we are paving a road to success.

Sometimes this card can also symbolize a messenger or news we receive. A message that should help us choose which way we should go.

This is almost like a card of #gnosis, knowledge through direct experience.
Original Tarot card artwork by Luna Sol Tarot


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