This full Moon is quite interesting- it’s in the first decan of Taurus and it’s conjunct retrograde Uranus.

Taurus decan 1 Lepus the hare

Taurus decan 1 description(1)

Mutual receptions

It’s definitely a zero degree season. After eclipses during summertime, which btw. is squaring this full Moon, we can expect next Full Moons touching early degrees of fixed signs in the next six months.

Full Moon in Taurus

It’s an interesting full Moon because it’s at the early degrees of the fixed sign of Taurus and it’s also a conjunct planet of revolution and freedom- Uranus. They’re both in opposition to Sun and Venus retrograde in Scorpio, and if you’ve listened to our Venus retrograde in Scorpio 2018 PODCAST , you know what themes it brings, and if you didn’t listen to it yet, then go listen to it and come back here after you’ve done it.

Both Moon and Uranus are also conjunct star Mirach in the Andromeda constellation. Remember Andromeda myth?

Andromeda constellation 1(1)



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According to esoteric astrology, inharmonic aspects between Sun and Uranus could mean our personality expresses in the way that is contrary to our soul’s plan. Which is no wonder if we look at the Sun as authority and Uranus as rebelling against authority (Sun) and given rules (Saturn), currently making a trine to both full Moon and Uranus.

As with every full Moon, Sun and Moon are in opposition to each other signifying conflicts of the past and present but also offering us the possibility of conscious and objective thinking and well, the possibility of enlightenment as well. Moon is also in opposition to Venus in retrograde and our behavior might be critical, having trouble to feel whole. Things that were truly important to us, such as past toxic relationship, or simply our past look at values of emotional or material nature, simply may not appeal anymore.

But, Sun is conjunct retrograde Venus in Scorpio, connecting relationships, love, and values with the possibility of making them conscious. As we know, conjunction may be harmonic or inharmonic aspect so these same aspects could point to selfishness, or love (Venus) of self (Sun), caring only about our own popularity yet insisting on total peace. Being too subjective but still wanting to feel loved.

Sun-Venus is also forming our identity through relationships with others and Venus is always concerned with mirroring and reflecting. And guess what? With Venus in Scorpio retrograde, we’re looking at the black mirror of our past, and it’s probably looking back at us. Perhaps offering a conclusion in a clear way. Like a lightning bolt.

But get this. Sun is also connected to fathers and Venus is connected to love, so these are symbolically favorite children of their fathers, of those having grandiose love for themselves, power or money.

Full Moon could offer a chance to creatively express our emotions in a healthy way. But with Scorpio themes, we should be wary and avoid destructive behavior. During full Moon, we’re asked to be conscious and to be careful who we’re connecting to. This is a phase of FULL LIGHT and the point is to find a middle path.

If you never heard of Israel Regardie (a double Scorpio; chart link) check him and his work out. Fellow occultist that made a great ritual exercise called “THE MIDDLE PILLAR”


This ritual will help you keep balance during heavy transits such as extremeness of full Moons.


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