Sky report: Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio 2018


Okay, it could be a click-bait, everybody does it apparently.

I woke up coughing my lungs out. It’s simply that time of a year (read: Libra season) where we get sick and finally test that immunity. After Virgo (health) comes balance (Libra), and eventually sickness (Scorpio). As two ends of extremes of course. Two days ago I went to movies with my boyfriend for the first time in 3 years of dating, and we saw F20, a brilliant Croatian teen psychodrama about love, madness, and sickness. Appropriate.

Yesterday I visited my astrology professor and dear friend and we exchanged ideas and thoughts. Communication exchanged between us mostly had to do about sharing an interesting thing that happens when you decide to take clients and do astrology work. For example, you might get a set of people, in waves, that either has the same Sun sign or same aspects, or they are coming to you for similar themes. Like death, or relationships. Or the death of the relationship.

secret meeting by Asahisuperdry on deviantART

Secret Meeting by Asahisuperdry on deviantART

It’s interesting because all the clients that come to you, mostly tell you your own story in different angles and different views, meaning astrology therapy really goes both ways. I don’t think anybody working in a similar field could deny this phenomenon. Now, this does not necessarily mean that you will die if you get waves of clients telling you about getting through close death cases, etc., but it could mean (if that already happened) you might lose somebody you know or don’t know personally.

I also shared with his thoughts about the research I came back recently. If you followed my blog, then you know I wrote about Astrology of porn but then literally a million things happened in real life that I put it on the side for some other time. And wouldn’t you say that time just happened naturally as Pluto stationed direct in Capricorn, Venus is about to go retrograde in Scorpio and Uranus is all for it by squaring my Sun.

If you ask me what good is that research for, I will probably tell you I don’t know exactly what could it be useful for, but I felt a huge inner need to dig into the world of adult entertainment and see if any patterns repeat. I also decided this time I will split charts for male, female and trans.

Анимированное фото

So Venus retrograde sensations?

Hardly any. Depends where Scorpio falls in your chart, literally. Most important places would be Sun, Moon, Ascendant and angular houses, but you will definitely feel it too if it retrogrades on your Mars, Jupiter or Saturn but perhaps in different ways.

When a planet is retrograde we’re mostly turned inward and we are often returning to things that need finishing up or with Scorpio, an intense digging in depths of emotions and psyche. A good example of Venus in Scorpio retrograde in the natal chart is actress Jodie Foster, and we all know her famous roles in blood-freezing thriller The Silence of the Lambs, and much more satisfying crime and mystery movies to watch.

My Post(7)

When Venus in Scorpio talks about relationships, love, and values you can be sure that it’s not something shallow. Mega-popular singer and rapper Drake is another Scorpio with retrograde Venus. He reached his fame starring teen show Degrassi where he played a character who ends up in a wheelchair. Fast forward to 2018. , he is most played artist on radio and clubs, famous for his deep love/sex songs that apparently millions connect to. His Sun is also conjunct Pluto in Scorpio.

I’m having a hard time reading the number of views, but here it is:


So we have mystery, crime, love, and relationships so far. But we’re missing that essential extreme Scorpio example. It’s out beloved Sagittarian and serial killer Ted Bundy with Venus and Mercury both retrograde in Scorpio and square to his Pluto in Leo.

Each side has its own extremes and with Venus retrograde, you really get a full spectrum of different emotions ranging from love to pure hate. From extreme feeling to not feeling at all. Through Venus and Moon, we feel and we like things, but with Venus, in Scorpio, we also have the power to kill our own emotions. But as the Scorpio reflects many complimentary themes of Taurus, possession is also a big deal here.

Ted Bundy


So okay, just so it wouldn’t all be so dark and gloomy, and at the edge of fear, we have Rachel McAdams, who starred in Mean Girls, Notebook and Wedding Crashers. Also, themes connected to Venus in Scorpio, such as marriage crisis and mean, mean, mean girls that are almost bullies. Beauties vs. Creeps. Anything goes really.

So where is the sensation about Venus retrograde?

There isn’t any really. Things that happened to you prior Venus going retrograde will probably help you figure it out. You might have fallen madly in love with somebody who seems forbidden or intense/mysterious in some way. Somebody, you see the power in.

(remind yourself of Sky report: Venus goes retrograde 2017 )

For those in relationships that are long, this could be a testing time for the endurance of real love. The crisis might appear in the middle of the chaos and everything can seem too intense to handle. Yet many of us will use this period to make our relationships stronger after apparent death and dishonor.

Girlboss Mood: Not yours, never was / 1960's vintage illustration feminism inspo mood moodboard

1960’s vintage illustration

But if you ask me, this is so boring to talk about. Because Venus, along with Mercury is the planet that goes into retrograde motion so often that these crisis we experience are mostly something that we are used to, but we tend to forget. Because we’re people…and time is confusing.

So I’m sorry that I will not spend much time talking about what Venus retrograde will bring on a personal scale. I’m rather interested in the mundane scale where again, we have reappearing of sexual harassment cases, sexual abuse pilling up on the surface and finally, those that are guilty will receive their appropriate punishments.

Here I would like to point to Bill Cosby’s case. His Venus is NOT retrograde and not in Scorpio but he does carry Scorpio theme through his Mars (cough) in his domicile of Scorpio. Finally, all the demons can come out in the light, where those same demons will get burned in the light of justice.

Secondly, we may expect women rise, Venus will square Uranus in Taurus (and it already did before). Nobody in 2018. will stand still for the same shit anymore. It’s just not going to happen. More than ever, violent patriarchy will be silenced with the voices of powerful women who will not be afraid anymore. And with this returning theme of Venus in retrograde, we will also witness many sexual abuses or emotional abuse coming out and exposing narcissists, manipulators, and abusers.

Barbara Kruger- Feminist art:

Barbara Kruger

The light shines in the darkness. And darkness could never extinguish it.



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