Free Tarot Reading For August: Aquarius♒

Hello, dearest water-bearer. Oscillating huh? Well, that’s not strange energy for Uranian like you. You’re used to shocks and unexpected shit flying out of the fan anyway and then coming back to stability. Almost like an electrician trying to create electricity circle and connect it. One side sends it to the other until the circle is closed.

Dear Aquarius, the picture looks nice, but is it real?


Six of Cups - Rider-Waite

6 of Cups / Raider-Waite tarot deck

6 of Cups


Card 6 of Cups is connected to the second decan of Scorpio. Six of cups paints a beautiful picture. Everything is in bright colors, children seem to be exchanging cups that have flowers in it. Everything is rich and blooming, everything is secured inside the city. Ears are widening into smile and joy is around.



Whatever you did in the past months or even years is now offering reward and plants you planted are coming to fruit, seeds are becoming flowers, and true friendship becomes true love. 

Six of Cups - Harmonious Tarot

Six of Cups / Harmonious Tarot

Stressful time is finally OVER, worries have finally ended and a new emotional phase begins (remember that cups are always connected to water, and therefore our inner world, emotions, and deep feelings). You might find yourself thinking about memories from your younger days, returning to things you enjoyed in the past; such as favorite food you ate in your childhood, or blasting loud your favorite song that brings you to that happy place of joy and memories that feel safe, just like children playing inside the walls of the city, getting ready to celebrate harvest and blooming flowers. This is the card of childhood innocence and good intentions.

Six of Cups, Shadowscapes Tarot: Childhood innocence, good intentions, noble impulses, simple joys and pleasures.

6 of Cups/ Shadowscapes Tarot

Something in your life is definitely growing and blooming, something is making you feel fulfilled and serene. You might meet many people from your past, like old friends, school-mates or old lovers from your past (or past life).

At certain times, this card can point to the problem of being stuck in the past and find past as a “safe zone” like the walls of this city. If that is the case, this card says it’s time to step out and look at the flowers of life, because flowers are in full bloom now.

If we want something to work, we must re-analyze past and integrate past into our present activities.

Morgan Greer 6 of cups

6 of Cups/ Morgan-Greer tarot

Expect gifts, happiness in your home and family, as well as happiness in a love relationship. It’s a great time to meditate on your relationship with ancestors and asking for their protection because water opens up our portals to unseen worlds. Protection spells are also very powerful at this time.

Time to re-analyze your past & let it go. Send it on vacation and then welcome it back & integrate into the present. Good luck :*


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