Free Tarot Reading For August: Sagittarius ♐

Free reading for the widest smile of the Zodiac :3 #sagittarius #tarot #freereading #astrology #hermitfool

Sagittarius, mutable fire 🙂 Too damn hot to be Scorpio, and too damn freedom loving to be a Capricorn. Sagittarius is the sign lead by greater vision, shooting arrow that points straight to the sky.

It looks like something new is going on in your life.

Page of Cups, Morgan - Greer TarotPage of Cups /Morgan – Greer Tarot

Page of Cups
Tarot~Page of Cups; Rider Waite Deck~A youthful boy with the promise of life and love at his feet. A message of love coming to you. Seduction by a younger person possible. Someone trying to charm you. A love of beauty and imagination. Puppy love. Innocence. A young person at the beginning stages of a new relationship. Possible over-excitement in love. New social contacts are possible.Page of Cups/Raider-Waite

Most of the tarot decks show a young man, holding his chalice up…

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