Free Tarot Reading For August: Scorpio ♏

Dearest Scorpio, getting a Greater Arcana card means something very important is going on in your life. After so much learning, and obtaining what seem to be very useful information you might experience “gnosis” of some sort.

Gnosis is when we know. We don’t doubt or deny anymore-we simply know and that is enough. There is no anti and no pro, we are in neutral middle of knowing.

You might have found out something which you are scared or simply not comfortable to share with others but can be very useful for all of you.

Tarot -The Ice Lady rules. She guards the temple of wisdom. All knowledge that ever was and ever will be is contained in the temple. She guards the wisdom, that only the child can access. B for Boaz (water and earth), J for Jachin (fire and spirit).

High Priestess/Raider-Waite tarot deck


High Priestess

Knowledge you just obtained is huge, I agree. You’re holding on to it tight, in your own special sanctuary, which is now your comfort zone. You know this is something that can’t be shared with just anybody.

Knowledge you seem to be guarding may prove to be something sacred, something in between good and evil/knowledge of good and evil (do you remember story of first humans in heaven?).

Arcana: The High Priestess Letterpress Tarot Card by Andy Manthei — Kickstarter Any Brother will recognize those pillars.

The High Priestess/Letterpress Tarot Card by Andy Manthei

While everyone seems to be on the separate sides, you are mastering how to balance being in the middle. There are lots of emotions here, since this is the card associated with influence of Moon, therefore your intuition is very sharp.

Sign of Scorpio is known as sign of Moon’s fall in astrology as this sign only intensifies already intense Moon. Expect moodiness in behavior, spending time and home and well familiar zones, and even spending much more time with your family than usual. Especially your mother or grandmother.


Tarot Flash Set by Sebastian Domasche Giclée

Okay Scorpio, knowledge is hidden but if anyone wishes to learn, that person should posses knowledge, patience and humbleness to do so and a contemplative, sensitive mood so it can be open enough to feel and take. Perhaps that is how you feel at this point; contemplative and sensitive.

Remember that you can always return to your safe zone (what ever that is) and retreat and return to your Source. This card is very feminine and also dual in nature. It’s concerned with life-death, spirit-matter, light-dark, inner-outer etc. Duality and contrast.

All duality that neutralizes on the astral plane.

Lasenikuv tarot High Priestess

Lasenikuv tarot High Priestess

Pay great attention to your dreams and visualizations this August. Even if you might not consider yourself as medium, truth is that at this time you’ll have more sensitivity to other worlds than usually.

Here’s advice for you Scorpio, make “dream and thoughts journal”, you don’t even have to write long posts, you can always draw in there. Draw your thoughts, meditate on your favorite symbols and see what they have to say. Put in feathers, bugs, flowers you find.

Let it be something that is completely just yours, and express your emotions with no judgement. Peek deep into you, you know drowning in inner world isn’t something strange for you.

But then come back and share with us okay?

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And for the end, one more cool deck :

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The High priestress , wilder Mann tarot, marie meier, 2014 (

The High priestess/ Wilder Mann tarot, Marie Meier, 2014 (


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