Free Tarot Reading For August: Libra ♎

Hello dear Libra, summer is still going on but don’t say you can’t imagine smell of the woods in the autumn, warm cup of coffee and soft blanket in colder days. And thousands of colorful leaves all around you. 

Autumn is the time of year when most of the nature enter the period of stagnation and metaphorically dies. Then it undergoes icy and cold weather and covers during winter where it metaphorically dies, just to bloom again in the spring.

Nature is therefore extremely inspiring and best teacher we can have. It’s not important to be happy and well all the time, there are also times for dealing with emotions of dark, which can be our inner fears or conflicts that make us feel uncomfortable.


Five Of Cups

Libra, summer is thriving but you’re feeling kind of sad. Five of cups shows it’s still hard for you to let go of some things from the past.

Card shows someone who is looking at the floor, cups are turned over and spilled. Something is ruined, but perhaps not everything. It’s definitely a crisis that will yet again lead to transformation. Not everything is ruined.

Five of Cups The Golden Tarot of Klimt by Atanas Alexander Atanssov

Five of Cups The Golden Tarot of Klimt by Atanas Alexander Atanssov

This card is associated with first decan of Scorpio and connected to Mars. Energy is mixed between feminine (Scorpio) and masculine (Mars). Whenever we have Scorpio included we always deal with deeper emotional themes. Scorpio is always fixated and focused on “all or nothing”. After all, 8th house in astrology is the one connected to death, crisis but also rebirth and transformation.

Two cups that are still standing tell us there is still hope. Your pain is pain of emotional nature as cups are connected to water, and therefore emotions, private and inner. Perhaps a relationship is troubling you. Yet again, two cups standing means not everything is destroyed.

Some things must be put to suitcase and let go. We must let them go but without destroying everything.

Some people are just disappointing, we can’t fix everyone because that’s not in our power. It would take us so much energy, and eventually result would be loosing ourselves completely, drained out of all energy.

Five of Chalices / Cups by Lola Airaghi (Tarot of Pagan Cats)

Five of Chalices / Cups by Lola Airaghi (Tarot of Pagan Cats)

Advice is to see what works and keep it. See what doesn’t work and slowly get rid of it. Not everything has to be done quickly, especially not our inner world which is endless poetry.

August may seem like emotionally challenging period with inner voice demanding changes. Often times when this card is pulled we carry feeling of loss and feel bad for making wrong choices in the past.

Five of Cups - Tarot of the Imagination by Ferenc Pinter

Five of Cups – Tarot of the Imagination by Ferenc Pinter

It’s called “card of separation and departure” by Golden Dawn. It tells us we can always turn to something new and turn ourselves out of the depression. This may be the time of tornado, but after each storm sky is gifted with sunshine and rainbows.

Be brave Libra, your smile moves the mountains.

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