Free Tarot Reading For August: Cancer ♋

Dear Cancer, how is your August going? I’m guessing you’ve been working really hard this year.

Tarot card for August is Queen of Pentacles & pentacles are always about earth, material and our senses, through which we smell or touch, hear or see.

Queen of Pentacles / Rider-Waite-Smith

Queen of Pentacles/ Raider-Waite tarot deck

Water, cardinal creature in the land of Earth element. Interestingly, this card is connected to the sign of Taurus-fixed Earth so this energy is not strange to you, Cancer. We find Moon’s exaltation in the sign of Taurus anyway.

When we look at the card Queen of Pentacles, we can see that she looks very integrated. Flowers are blooming around her, earth is fertile and rich.

Queen of Pentacles - Missy Elliott Art Print

Missy Elliott as Queen of Pentacles/source:

You are shown here as generous and nice person, ready to work to achieve emotional security as well as material security.

Believe in yourself and be ready to share your resources with others, be proud and enjoy your position but don’t bring anyone else position into question. 

Advice is to become more practical and work towards achieving stability and security. Slow down and become more cautious and enjoy fruits of your work.

Queen of Coins - Vikings Tarot by Manfredi Toraldo, Sergio Tisselli

Queen of Pentacles/Vikings Tarot

You are getting more mature and responsible, finally achieving material security. Simply stay away from acting greedy and mean towards others & also stay away from alcohol or drugs because addictions could shake you off your Path.

Expect lots of love an enjoying fruits of life.

You definitely deserve it.


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La reine d’écus - Tarot cristal par Elisabetta Trevisan

Queen of Pentacles/Crystal tarot


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