Free Tarot reading for August: Taurus ♉

King of Cups

Friendly and kind, yet very emotional creature is Taurus.

Dear Taurus, most of tarot decks present this card with a man surrounded by fishes and seated confidently in his chair, such as this Raider-Waite card shown below.

K is for King of Cups: An interview about his love life, dating tips and lessons learned.

This card usually symbolizes friendly & kind person who is gifted with empathy, someone who feels for others but it’s not prone to showing their emotions on the outside. Cups symbolically represent stored emotions.

You might be keeping some fertile ideas and opinions to yourself. If your friends around you suffer, you could give them a very valuable advice at this point, especially advice of spiritual nature.

Sometimes, this card can point to a fear of connecting with others and fear of building a relationship, or it can symbolize person who is very shy.

This card is good for therapy as we’re open enough, and  sensitive to other peoples problems, yet distant enough to keep our cool during heavy emotional times.

Slikovni rezultat za king of cups

King of Cups Biddy Tarot

It’s connected to the sign of Cancer so emotions and family become more important now. As well as your intuition, which is particularly strong this August.  You must come in contact with your emotions dear Taurus. 

Even though you’re good at giving advice this month, don’t be shy to also ask for advice because it’s through conversation and emotion exchange that we heal ourselves.

Now it’s the time to deal with all the inner themes of your rich inner world. Who knows what magical stuff awaits inside? King of cups is a great card for that.


And remember, friends and family will help.

Happy August dear Taurus. Sun almost enters Virgo and things are about to get really magical for you. Muah!

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