Free Tarot Reading for August: Aries ♈

@ijanazor would definitely do a much better job in tarot readings but I will do best I can to deliver you short analysis in my Virgo rising way.

King of Wands

King of Wands - Meen Choi illustration

King of Wands – Meen Choi illustration


You know Aries…many people in tarot field would interpret this card as you having lots of sex, but this is not the only thing that’s been going on. King of Wands is hot and fiery and regardless of wands being connected to masculine and therefore, even erected falus, we would rather connect this card to huge creative energy. Even bursts of creativity.

I don't rise from the ashes, I make them. I'm the whole fucking fire. #aries #fire

King of Wands is not something small, it is a king after all. This card was pulled out by accident, when I tried to meditate on Aries energy for the month of August and well, King of Wands is connected to Aries energy anyhow.

Many King of Wands tarot cards, especially well known Raider-Waite deck shows a man, with wand in his hand, salamanders (who represent fire), lions, throne, fiery crown, and sword. King seems to be relaxed and very confident. 

He believes in himself and he is also very optimistic. His will is extremely powerful, he is naturally authoritative, and has his life in his own hands. Successful yet not afraid to motivate others. 

king of clubs    Ancient Tarot of Lombardy deck  Milan,Italy   1810.

Ancient Tarot of Lombardy deck Milan,Italy 1810.  (Source: Pinterest)

Theme of strong hands and arms is associated with this card, even in physical way. Charming,charismatic motivator. Someone who is living their visions.

King of Wands is a rewarding card for you, Aries. Don’t be afraid to motivate others & carry out your idea to the end. You are brave enough and have all you need!


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