Sky report: Partial Solar Eclipse on 20° Cancer – Road Back Home

There is around 5 hours left until this year’s first summertime eclipse. You have probably been feeling lots of things by now, and many things that happened prior probably served as hints to what exactly is going on.

Jupiter turned direct in Scorpio, our Venus switched signs and entered Virgo, the sign of her fall. Mercury is getting ready to enter the retrograde zone in 13 days, just as an intro into our other eclipses that will happen on July 27 (Total Lunar eclipse 4°Aquarius/Leo) and the one that happens on August 11, 2018 (another Solar partial eclipse 18° Leo). Wow! Many things are happening, right?

What the hell are eclipses and why are they so important?

Earliest astrologers and sky observers used eclipses and sky to predict next eclipses. Eclipses actually happen every year. We always have lunar and solar eclipses as eclipses are connected to Sun and Moon, but don’t think other planets don’t eclipse as well. We are just simply focused on two of our most important lights and sensitive spots, which are our Sun and Moon.

Eclipses happen when those two bodies meet through either conjunction or through opposition. Solar eclipses happen only during conjunction, as Moon passes next to it and “hides” it. It’s those time they metaphorically meet in the sky. Of course, it was important. Story of those two lights and their conjunctions is also well known in alchemy and alchemical process.

Chaos Philosophorum | Carl Jung Depth Psychology

This painting, entitled “Materia Prima Lapidis Philosophorum,” is from the Circle of the Gold and Rosicrucians, a manuscript inspired by Aurea Catena a Homeri (Kirchweger, 1781). It is the cover art used on The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation.

On the other hand, Lunar eclipses create opposition, where two lights are on the opposite sides and Moon gets “darker” for certain times. Eclipses don’t happen often but were considered extremely important in the past as they were used to track time and space, but also to predict or rather, to suggest what future year may bring.

People born during eclipses seem to always have a feeling of a special mission without knowing exactly where they’re going. Do you know any eclipse baby? I bet you can really feel their presence, it’s kind of they’re here and not here at the same time.

Old Greek astrologers and occultists believed that eclipses are also period of time when the entrance and exit of the souls are wide open and souls may freely roam or exchange places. It is said that all souls enter this world through the gate of Capricorn and exit this world through the gate of Cancer and symbolically we have this eclipse happening on 20° degree Cancer, one that starts (second) the third decade of Cancer, under Moon and Jupiter and also in Pisces triplicity.

Norman Lindsay, Thief of the Moon.

Norman Lindsay, Thief of the Moon


Looking below from the universe

It takes such a long time for us to objectively look around us and inside us. It’s not bullshit, but the only way to know ourselves at 13 years old is when some time has passed and all we have from that is a memory – a picture. If we had that same knowledge when we were 13, we simply wouldn’t care…because we were 13.

Just recently I started listening to a couple of Coursera courses online, including one from the Korean Institute of Engineering and Technology which deals with achieving your goals through meditation. It sounded interesting enough, so I took a shot. Professor Duck-Joo Lee did a wonderful job explaining how our brain works and how every memory is a picture.

One of the exercises included tracking down your memories and trying to remember all the pictures from age of 0, up to the age of 10, then age 30…up to 100 and 200 years until we’re dead. Until there is nobody left but those pictures. Because only when we’re not there, and some time has passed, are we even able to look at ourselves objectively.

La Imaginación Dibujada: Maxfield Parrish

La Imaginación Dibujada: Maxfield Parrish

Of course, it all sounds pretty simple right now, but if you’ve already tried this type of meditation or similar type with regressions, you will know that all we have are fragments. Fragments of movie cuts of our own life, where we are that main actor, and the audience indeed. This also works with bad memories. Repeating this process may be an uncomfortable, but very rewarding process. To meet our past selves and discard false pictures into the garbage.

Why am I mentioning all this? Because our Moon astrologically is very connected to our private life, memories of past and our innermost memories. Eclipses are usually times where past and present blend, some things simply come to an end, while another door opens. That is life.

Since this solar eclipse is happening in the sign of Cancer it will naturally bring similar themes into life; those concerning emotional safety, finally finding your family or tribe or at least feeling like you desperately need one, thinking about home or feeling nostalgic about past times. Cancer likes to snuggle up at home where it feels accepted and emotionally stable.

Very Plutonic Friday the 13

Astrologers should be far more than doomsayers, I keep repeating, but mind you I will recommend as always to make smart moves. Sun and Moon in Cancer meet dark lord Pluto in Capricorn through oppositions so we may, of course, expect some emotional and manipulatory shenanigans around us. Power struggles may arise between friends and partners, but as with every opposition each side has a valuable truth to share and if all parties can meet halfway, we may avoid aggressive and violent behavior.

Pluto is always connected with hidden, mysterious, but also the dark force which ultimately can darken our ego. It’s always good to remember that each side, no matter who’s the side we’re on, or who do we currently see as a demon – is definitely also simply a human being who is also going through its own fair share of dark demon hunt.

Matteo Arfanotti - Sovrana dell'Infinito

Matteo Arfanotti – Sovrana dell’ Infinito

Both Sun and Moon are conjunct fixed star Castor, one of the twin stars of Castor & Pollux, better known as a mortal & immortal twin from Greek mythology. When Castor died, Pollux asked gods if he could give away his immortality to save his brother, and this is how they got their place in heavens. These twins were rivals, but they were also inseparable. Symbolically, like Sun and Moon weren’t enough, again we have the polarity of twin brothers; good and evil, tall and short, skinny and fat, feminine and masculine, etc.

As one twin Castor represented more of an optimistic and helpful spirit, special in the skill of taming and managing horsesPollux represented daredevil and trickster, here to explore the more hidden side of life. Some texts suggest they represent Apollo and Hercules.

Castor and Pollution, by Max Ernst, 1923. Oil on canvas

Castor and Pollution, by Max Ernst, 1923. Oil on canvas

“From the Twins come less laborious callings and a more agreeable way of life, provided by varied song and voices of harmonious tone, slender pipes, the melodies inborn in strings and the words fitted thereto: those so endowed find even work a pleasure. They would banish the arms of war, the trumpet’s call, and the gloom of old age: theirs is a life of ease and unfading youth spent in the arms of love. They also discover paths to the skies, complete a survey of the heavens with numbers and measurements, and outstrip the flight of the stars: nature yields to their genius, which it serves in all things. So many are the accomplishments of which the Twins are fruitful.” [Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD. p.281.]

According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Mercury; to Wilson, Simmonite and Pearce, of Mars, Venus and Saturn; and, to Alvidas, of the Moon, Mars and Uranus. It gives distinction, a keen intellect, success in law and many travels, fondness for horses, sudden fame and honor but often followed by loss of fortune and disgrace, sickness, trouble and great affliction. Its natives are said to be mischievous and prone to violence. [Robson*, p.154.]

Castor has specific associations with breaking an arm or leg and this may come from the Ptolemaic classification of Castor as a Mercury star, which is much associated with the limbs generally. Castor is also noted in natal astrology for proneness to mental breakdowns and neurotic distress. People with this star prominent and well aspected are exceptionally gifted intellectually. Where these geniuses often need help is in not letting their concern for others go ‘over the top’. [The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.43.]

Castor is influenced by Mercury and has a blend of Jupiter in it. Linked with the Moon or Mercury, it has the effect of such people being blessed with a good nature and fine morals. It is also supposed to convey refined manners. A conjunction with the Sun or Mars will make for energetic characteristics and a certain tendency for satire and cynicism, depending on the position of Mercury or Mars in the chart as a whole. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.40.]


What does Robson say about Castor on Sun & Moon?

With Sun: Prominence in occult matters, government work dealing with foreign affairs, serious accidents, blows, stabs (operations nowadays for blows, stabs, wounds), shooting, shipwreck, injuries to the face, blindness, disease, violent fevers, evil disposition (used to be a term in astrology for homosexuality), rape or murder committed or suffered, imprisonment, banishment, decapitation. [Robson*, p.155.]

With Moon: Timid, sensitive, lacks confidence, occult interest and psychic ability, blindness, injuries to face, disgrace, stabs, wounds (operations nowadays), imprisonment. [Robson*, p.155.]


Don’t overthink!

Eclipses should be times when we relax, imagine, write, sing, dance, bang on drums but don’t act out stupid on stupid events around us. Moon is always represented by people and masses which are the most sensitive point. “More people- less consciousness” Or we can simply say that scale of consciousness highly depends on the number of people involved in the process.

When we have a mass of people, for example – soccer fans it simply becomes impossible to identify them as individuals. Individual mind is gone because the mind is now identified with the collective unconscious, which ultimately is – soccer club or soccer players. We empathize with players and their injuries become ours. If our club wins, it means…we all won. Ultimately, they become our heroes and our savers.  Our hope for a better future.

Of course, we’re allowed to have fun and celebrate. Of course, we are allowed to be proud, but as professor Duck-Joo says, we must always come back to our universal mind far away from ourselves, others, our bodies and look all from a universal perspective. This is the only way we can look at ourselves and others objectively.

The eclipse happens on 20° Cancer 41′ (21° Cancer) on a Sabian Degree: “Primadonna sings” and it’s also happening in the BALSAMIC MOON PHASE.
which carries keywords of people from higher ranks, to be chosen, live icon, honor, talents, excellence, perfection, to be on top, supporting others, popularization, success, self-love but also instability, unreasonable forcing, no realization.

Remember forcing things out to turn YOUR WAY will not bring success. You may only lose your authenticity and originality. It’s easy to forget this when you constantly think you’re superior to others. Lots of chaos and uncomfortable situations may come your way if this kind of behavior continues, and eventually, you will be forgotten.

To make a positive manifestation remember to include everybody, not just the ones who project your inner ego pictures…which ultimately are false and will be discarded at the end.


Peace and love ❤ Mediate on peace and love, create pictures of love and harmony. Need help? Call your friend today, reveal and pour out emotions, cherish memories and create new and better pictures, where everyone is equal and everyone is happy. And if you wonder why somebody is negative or sad around you, try to think hard if maybe you did or are constantly doing is making them feel that way. And on the other hand, do people deserve love and respect only when they’re happy? With this Balsamic Moon phase, it’s finally time to let go and let be.

May LOVE be with you.



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