My favourite Tarot spread – the 13

I made up this spread in the time when I didn’t have an actual Tarot cards. I use to do readings, mostly for fun with Belot cards, but when I made this spread things kind of get pretty real. I was around 17 or 18, and all friends always asked me to open them cards for love questions (of course), and we all had fun looking into cards and telling the story.





After  a while, I remember so clear, it was around 3 AM, some after party at my place, everyone was all around, dancing, laughing having a good time, and this older girl, asked me: “can you check for me this relation with which I’m struggling.”

She was very serious, so I really felt the need to really help her, not just throwing cards for fun and have a laugh. Although there were always lucid moments in this readings also, and that was a reason why she asked me to look for her again.




So instantly music, people around me went to mute and I was pulling the cards and made a spread that I use till this day.  It was really weird moment, like I was doing things automatically and as I have know this spread for a long time, it was open very quickly and as I was opening it I was telling her what every column  represent, so calm and naturally.

It was three upper cards for her girlfriend at the time, card in a middle is the main energy, two of the each side are mixing with that energy towards her, three cards below are for querent same story ^^, card in the middle is main energy and two mixing with that one in the middle.

On the right side three cards for prediction, each speaking for itself but together making the whole story, two cards above the querent cards one expressing the energy that pulls them together, and one expressing the energy that throws them apart, same for her girlfriend.

And when I started to reading this cards, she started to cry, it was all scary accurate, even the predictions was after a while very true. From this moment on, I knew that I need real Tarot cards, they started to appear in my dreams, I started to learn everything there is about them, and here I’am now, still learning, because it is a lifetime process, but with rich experience and knowledge to use cards properly.  Always when I have clients who needs to know love things I use this spread of 13- it didn’t fail me once 🙂





So in the picture above you have:


2 cards; first is telling you things what that person you ask about thinks is a breaking point, things that keeps you apart, things that person don’t like about you and your relation

second is telling the opposite, things that brings you together in their opinion, things person likes about you etc.

Then we have 3 cards that explains partners mood, thoughts, energy towards querent and relationship, card in the middle is the present feeling,  which is made from the cards on the side, sometimes you can explain the card on the left as past, card on the right as future thinking, also this cards often explains the character

SPREAD BELOW is the same just in the querent perspective.

SPREAD FOR PREDICTIONS 3 CARDS is telling you most likely things to happen, and why, destiny even if you want . You read each card for it self then put it in a story together.

Some other tips to read this and other spreads also, try to read it as an piece of art. First look at the structure ( cards up or down), then look at the coloros ( if there is a lot of cups you can sense the silver or blue color around the spread, it can be mixed with red , ornage colors of the Wands, or yellow and gold colors of the Pentacles, etc.), think about how those colors affect you, what do you feel just sensing this colors, with that you can feel your intuition, the mood of this relationship.

Also use the elements,  for example if there is a lots of Wands there is a strong Fire element, or if there are Swords you can see Air element, Uranus, Mercury, use all your knowledge before reading the cards by themselves, check the numbers, then check if you have Majors which will usually tell you about subconscious, or if there are lot’s of Court cards which will tell you there are other people and energy involved etc… And then start to read the cards, first upper, the below, then predictions. Feel the mood around this spread and just start talking what you see.


Well this is something more about my favorite spread, if you have any questions or you just want to tell me how it is working for you, contact me on my email/




Ija Nazor


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